Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Little Catching Up

I don't have a ton of time, cause you know I have horrible work ethic and I'm posting this while on a very boring conference call...
  • Lillian managed to avoid HFMD!!!  She still tells me to check her hands and mouth before she does things though, it's pretty funny.
  • That also means that thankfully Delaney didn't get it either!
  • My weight loss efforts with my diet came back and bit me.  I didn't do enough research on calorie in take and lowered it too much.  My milk supply drastically declined, but after just a few days of increasing my calories again I think it's getting back to where it was, makes for a much more relaxed mommy.
  • I haven't been able to run in a week because my treadmill needs adjusting again :(  I really need to get on this, but I've been doing other cardio rather than fix it because I don't want to skip a chance at exercise.  Hopefully over this long weekend I can get to it.
  • The Chase Corporate Challenge is coming up in less than a month!  29 days and counting!  I hope this set back with the treadmill hasn't set back my endurance too much!
  • I am still down about having to leave my girls every day.  I keep telling myself it would be much more stressful if I was trying pay the bills without my paycheck, but it doesn't take away that pit in my stomach I feel every time I think about it.

These pictures were taken last Sunday while enjoying a beautiful day at my mom's camp...
She really does have undies on!
She was playing with sister while I got her shower ready.
What a long hard day!

She passed out not 5 minutes after insisting she color on the way home.

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