Monday, April 11, 2011

You Pick

I have thought of so many titles I could use for this post. 1. Can't Type... 2. Nanny 911! 3. Adult Time? 4. Assvice 5. Terrible Twos? I could keep going, but really it doesn't matter. It was a trying weekend again. And in all reality it was most likely just a combination of several things. I have once again realized how dependant I am on my "happy pills" and as much as I hate it I am going to learn to get over it. I forgot to take them for several days due to my routine being off and it culminated yesterday in several out burst of tears, from my own eyes. Saturday Lillian and I went shopping for her birthday party supplies. Considering her independent stage and being surrounded by everything a kid wants, things went considerably well. When we went to Tar.get for some other things, we had a small melt down in the toy section because she wanted the baby doll, and if there is one thing this girl has plenty of, it's baby dolls. Lunch at Frien.dly's involved some mouthing off and whining, but taking everything away from her and telling her she wasn't getting it back until she could be polite and ask nicely seemed to solve things. Over all I would consider it a successful trip to the mall. She's acted better and worse. Sunday was a cluster of yard work, more shopping, house work and toddler fits. We started the day all excited to go out and work in the yard. We quickly realized that Lillian wanted to help with EVERYTHING! Of course her push lawn mower from last year was not satisfying her since we were raking and using the riding lawn mower. So it was off to the store to find Lillian a rake and some gardening supplies for me. This trip only resulted in one tantrum because I wouldn't let her just sit in the kids' recliners at the store while I shopped. Not quite short lived, but I picked her up and went on about my business ignoring her. When we finally made it home she had passed out so I left her sleeping in the car while B and I continued working on the yard. When she woke up she was very excited to help rake. But later when we were in the house and I was trying to do hook up my printer and then work on laundry she was continually throwing fits. Over everything. If something didn't work just right she was throwing things and screaming. I couldn't get her to calm down and it wore on me quickly. Any time I told her no she was mouthy and acting like she was going to hit me (though she doesn't because I ask her if she wants me to hit her). I feel like one of those mom's on a Nanny show that can't control her kid and the kid rules the family. I refuse to be one of those mom's, but I don't know what to do with her. She is constantly telling me "No" and yelling. And she only does this with me and B. None of the grandparents or anyone ever sees it! Is this just the terrible twos??? Any advice is welcome. Oh and on a plus side, Lillian asked to use the potty yesterday and actually peed!!! Well this post is long and boring enough, I'll get to Adult time later...

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  1. Sometimes Happy Pills are the only way to get through the day! My little man just turned 2 a couple days ago, and we are going to begin the process of potty training him here in the next few weeks. I think in our house the Terrible Twos started early! Hang in there.. I would like to say from experience that the 3s are better.. but sometimes even that doesn't seem true! It does get better eventually, though :)


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