Thursday, April 14, 2011

Maybe I was wrong...

Maybe mommies to give up??? Cause that's exactly what I did last night. I gave up trying to correct inappropiate langue and disrespectful talk. I just completley ignored her when she said bad words or wasn't talking nicely and guess what, she'd say it, not get a response and move on. And if she really needed something and I didn't respond because she didn't use manners, she'd say "excuse me mom" just like she knows she needs to do when I'm talking to someone else. (That's one of the little things she does that makes me think she's a little advanced).

We also started working on some Adult Time. The routine lately has been dinner, bath, PJs and then into mommy and daddy's bed to watch a movie while she fell asleep. Some nights she'd want mommy to lay with her and other's it was daddy, but this was seriously cutting into adult time because most times the parent laying with her would fall asleep before the other one made it into the room. I decided last night that it was time for a change again. So after bath we did our normal PJ routine where she runs around trying to put her own diaper on and then PJs. The diaper she doesn't quite have down as when she pulls the front over her she pulls too hard and pulls the bottom right out from under her, but the PJs she pretty much does all by herslef. Once in a while you get something on backwards, but for being a few weeks away from 2 I think that's pretty good. Anyway, I digress, around 7:40 I asked her if she wanted to rock and read a book with mommy. I have never seen her so enthusiasatic to get into her bedroom. She almost completely forgot about her binkies! And to B's surprise, it only took 20 minutes total for her to pass out! This means that by 8pm B and I were able to spend some adult time together without constantly be interrupted by a toddler!


  1. Sounds like you have a little tooter bug on your hands! Too bad she is so stinking cute!

    Wow. 2 years. Can you believe it?

    Our nighttime routine to allow for adult time is bath, pj's, books, and bed - in his bed. Then we shower and watch TV or read or cuddle or bake or whatever. :O)

  2. Great job, Momma!!! Adult time is great, yeah? My kids are *SUPPOSED* to be in bed right now but I hear them playing up there. Some nights I win and sometimes I don't, ha ha. Anyway our routine is pretty similar but by bedtime I'm so wiped out that I am snappy. It's "Get in bed. Don't you dare get up unless you have to use the restroom." I really need to focus on making bedtime more pleasant. We all have those things to work on, even the moms who seem to have it all together.

  3. Good for you on not allowing her behavior to get to you. It amazes me even at such a young age how much they understand! And Yay for the Adult time! Nice to be able to relax and spend time with the hubby for a change huh?


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