Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Damn Computers

At work we don't have the ability to update any program without administration logging into our computer and doing it for us. So I don't worry about updates unless a program won't run without it. Well I do most of my blogging and picture editing on my work computer, my time at home is just too precious to use doing those things. Well I finally had to ask them to upgrade my internet explorer and flash player because I couldn't use sites I like or work on pictures. They say no problem and it's done.

Now the problems start, since then I can only open certain blogs. And even then I get an error saying it won't open some specific part. And at first I thought it was just blogs that use shabbyblog.com for their background. But then I couldn't open mine. Even now that I designed my own background (what do you think?) and I'm using a blogger template, I get an error. I just don't get it and it's pissing me off! And I can't ask IT to fix it or figure out what's wrong cause it isn't work related.

Oh yeah and they've again come out with a new version of flash player so I need to have that upgraded again...

Anyway, the diet I was on was the hcg diet. It was rough and very strict, but totally worth it! I lost 20lbs in 30 days! And so far haven't gained any back. Granted I'm "watching" what I eat, but we all need to be conscious of eating healthy anyway. It certainly taught me a few things about how unhealthy my diet was!


  1. I'm not sure that it has to do with particular blog designs, etc. Seems blogger might be having an issue? I have been having the same problem this last week. I keep getting error messages on certian blogs that I visit. Thankfully, yours is not one of them.

    As for your new template, I love it. I think the design is pretty and the color is one of my favorites.

    The date sounds like it's extremely sucessful! Way to go! I haven't heard of the HCG diet..is there a web page or blog or something that discusses what it entails? I think I should check that out.

    Hopefully what ever the issue is with blogger, etc it will be solved soon. I am missing out on following some blogs because I can't open them. :(

  2. Thank you I made several backgrounds I like.

    I used yourhcg.com but if you search hcg diet you will get lots of informaiton. I think it is a very managable diet if you don't go out to eat a lot and you do it when you don't have many gatherings. Plus the food is good so all you have to do is make extra for the rest of the family and add in a few side dishes.

  3. It could be a firewall issue. My company has phot sites like flickr and photobucket blocked so if I am reading a post that contains pictures from those sites, they do not display. could be the same for your firewall....or it's blocking other sites as well...

    Doesn't HCG diet require you to inject HCG?

  4. Its not the firewall cause that won't even let the page begin to load and it tells my why it violated policy, so I don't know. Cause the page starts to load and gives an error pop up, then sometimes when you click ok it erases what loaded and says cannot display page or sometimes you click ok and can still see the page.

    Shots used to be the only way to do the hcg diet, bur they have now developed drops you put under your tongue.


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