Monday, April 25, 2011

A weekend to celebrate!

Saturday was Lillian's second Birthday! So many mixed emotions for mama, as she now calls me. I'm so proud of her, she's growing up so fast, and she's soooo smart, but I miss my baby girl.

We had a birthday party for her with her grandparents, aunt, and her two best friends from the sitters. We planned to have a BBQ and be able to let the kids run around the huge back yard, but the beginning of last week they started calling for rain. The BBQ was moved inside...

and we borrowed the jump house from her sitter

When the boys got there she was so excited to show them around, but when they wanted to play with her toys it was all over! Here she is trying to "play" with all of them while she followed the boys into the other room. We ended up putting the stroller and baby away because her and R couldn't decide who was going to play with them first.

It was so sweet to see her actually blow out her own candle this year.

I wish I had some better pictures to share, but the little stinker was refusing to have her picture taken.

She loved all of her presents! The first bag she opened had the Dora buddy pillow in it. Being that she had only napped for about 10 minutes she grabbed the pillow, headed for the stairs and "I nap". It took quite a bit of convincing to get her to open more presents instead of go take a nap. And about 10 minutes after the guests left this was the scene...

After her party we decided to spend the night at my mom's being that we were just going to be back there for Easter dinner on Sunday anyway. I just loved the dress I found for her for Easter. Here she is playing with her new Camera. That I think she has taken about 100 "pictures" on so far. She's having a bit of a time getting the subject in the picture and pressing the button, but she doesn't care, she can take pictures like mommy!

Another gift she got that she barely stops playing with is her princess beauty set. It had a brush, curling iron, hair dryer, straightener, perfume and lipstick. Her she is with her Aunt Pocca getting her hair done. It was a nice break to not be bent over while she was doing my hair.

It was a very busy and tiring weekend, but it was so much fun!


  1. Aww! Happy Birthday to Lillian! It's always a bittersweet moment seeing your child get one year older. I had the same feelings a couple weeks ago when my little guy turned 2. On the one hand I was excited, but on the other hand sad because I had to admit he wasn't a "baby" anymore. What a wonderful weekend, celebrating both your daughter's birthday and Easter.

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