Monday, April 18, 2011


This post probably should have been written about a week ago, but I had so much other stuff going on that was way more important. Last Tuesday I started the Maintenance phase of my diet, so I want to record here my stats:

Day 1: 208.2 lb

Day 3 (load weight): 212.4 lb

Maintenance Day 1: 191.4 lb

That's a loss of 16.8 lb from day 1 and 21 lb from my load weight!

Inches Lost:

Chest: 3.5

Waist: 4.0

Stomach: 2.0

Thighs: 2.5 total

Arms: .5 total

Grand Total: 12.5"!!!

As of today I am still at my weight from the first day of maintenance. This would be a little disappointing considering Monday - Thursday I got up and either did some toning or running. But I also cheated quite heavily on Thursday night. Thursday night was my bowling banquet and it just so happened that Friday was my birthday. So I celebrated. What can I say, a girl needs to get out once in a while. Ok, it wasn't all wild and crazy but I had a blast anyway. After dinner at the banquet my MIL and a girl that bowls with us, A went back to my MIL's house. We played poker for a bit and then my MIL went to bed. Well A and I ended up staying up all night just talking. She's a lot like my little sister and it was great getting to know her better. Even if I still had to go to work. While getting ready for work, I started losing my voice. And throughout the morning it just kept getting worse. This kind of worked in my favor though because I left at 11:30 because I wasn't feeling well. I figured the voice loss was just from drinking and lack of sleep. Well I downed water and caught up on some sleep and on Saturday my voice was even worse. Sunday it seemed to be a little better, well at least my throat didn't hurt when I talked to much anymore, and this morning I thought I sounded better, but B said not really. I'm starting to think that I'm going to have to go to a doctor to get over this congestion I have. My ears are so plugged I can barely hear some times and I'm getting dizzy every time I move my head. Ugh I hate sinuses! Lillian was pretty well behaved this weekend, which was great cause I don't think I could have handled another horrible weekend. She helped me do laundry ALL day yesterday...

She especially loved when I had all of her clothes out in the living room and was sorting and packing away what doesn't fit anymore.

She's wanted to go to bed early lately though. Like last night she wanted to go to bed at 5! And based on how she was acting, she needed to go to bed. But I didn't let her. Instead we went in her room and got out her puzzle book. We've never taking the actual pieces out of the book before, but she loves the touch and feel parts. So last night I decided to take out the pieces. She amazes me how smart she is. She was able to figure out where each piece went, although she had a little trouble understanding how to get the parts that stick out, into the recess it was supposed to go in. She's used the big puzzles where you just slide it about until it goes in. Anyway, after that she wanted a story. Check out the book she brought me...

Oh yes and she had to play dress up to. She is in love with boots. All of her boots!


  1. Great job on the weight loss! I am very proud of you!!! :)

    Too funny about the book she wanted you to read. I guess she's ready for a little brother or sis!

  2. Good for you! What diet are you doing?

    Miles only wanted to wear a diaper and his froggy rubber boots to play outside on Saturday morning!


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