Monday, June 29, 2009

Where to begin???

Well Friday Lillian and I both went to the doctors. She has a cold and I have a hemorrhoid that is small enough not to be able to lance, but large enough to hurt like hell! So right now Lilly is getting saline spray up her nose and I'm getting cortisone up my butt! We are both starting to feel better! Well except now I have her cold and feel like crap from that. But as long as she is feeling better. It actually hasn't bothered her that much besides not being able to clear her throat.

Saturday was nice, we went to a birthday party at the park and B got to play with boys, yes he's nothing but a big kid! And Lilly got to hang out with the girl that will be watching her once we get back from our vacation. I also had my first real "in public" breast feeding experience and I think we did quite well. I've found that I don't need a cover as long as I wear the right type of shirt. Then we went to Red Lobster for dinner, it was great! Except for the part where I found out that apparently I've developed a reaction to beer :( It's happened twice now. When I drink a beer my face and neck get all red and blotchy and I get hot.

Yesterday we went to another birthday party. B had a lot of fun playing with the water balloons with the kids. It didn't end so great though. It started to rain as we were getting ready to leave so he pulled the Jeep around to the back of the house (where their main door is) and as we are leaving he was watching for the dog and ended up hitting a tree! We now need a new windshield, a mirror and possibly a whole door! Not good. Especially being that on top of that my throat was starting to hurt really bad and my head. When we got home Lilly didn't want to go to bed, come to find out she was having tummy troubles and finally pooped after going almost 2 days without.

One good thing about the weekend is that Lilly only had 2 bottles the whole time and fed of the breast the rest of the time! Friday night and Saturday morning were a little rough, but we managed. I hope the 4 bottles she has today doesn't set us back.
And one more plus, only 3 days of work this week!!! And I'm of all next week!!!
Keeping it close just in case...
What a rough night!


  1. Brandi,

    I don't know what you use for covers during BF in public but a friend of mind referred me to a site called They have a really cool BF cover, and there is a code right on the site for a free cover. You just pay shipping and handling. I am gonna get one for Nathan on payday, better late than never. Just thought I would pass it on to you. I Love the pictures. She is a little doll baby!

  2. the code is freeone. If you go into their site under I think it's called classic covers, it gives you the option to put in the code. Let me know if you find the link! if not I will post it for you.

  3. I dearly love the photo about a rough night. How many times lately, I have felt like doing that in the middle of the day when days have been real hectic.


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