Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Two Months

Lillian Grace is 2 months old today, I just can't believe it (I'll probably say that every month!). She's growing so much it's just amazing.

Weight - 11lb 10oz (+3lbs 6oz from birth)
Length - 22.5 in (+2 inches from birth)
Head - 15.5 in (+1 inch from birth)
New perdiatrician is great. Said Lillian is very healthy and growing great. She said as a pedi she has to tell me to put Lilly to sleep on her back, but as a mom take everything out of the crib and let her sleep on her belly cause lack of sleep can hurt hers and my health too. Plus she said based on the way Lilly is picking her head up and turning it she should be ok. This made me feel much better because I'm afraid to let her sleep on her belly in her crib, but she isn't going to fit in the bassinet much longer. She also said that Lilly can go swimming in the lake when we go on vacation over the 4th, so I'm so excited about that!

This month she has done some wonderful things...

She now picks her head up and moves it around without losing her binkie when she's on her belly.

She's become more aware of the things around her and loves looking at her toys.

She's learned to splash with her feet in the bath, she loves it.
She coos a lot and is starting to carry on conversations.

She had her first road trip and did very well!

She rolled from her Tummy to her back for the first time!

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  1. She looks so tiny next to him, but it won't be long before she is as tall as he is.
    They grow much, much too fast!


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