Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Frustration...

I swear it never ends. Monday only got worse until I went home. At lunch I got in the car to realize that my turn signals weren't working. Good news, they started working again after work. Bad news, it's most likely the switch that will completely burn out after a while and it costs $100 just for the part.

Then 1800Contacts calls me to tell me they are canceling my order cause the dr couldn't find my file. Turns out last time I was there was just a few weeks before my wedding so they had the wrong last name. Getting home and being with Lilly and B was the best part of my day!

Yesterday was frustrating on some level too. This pumping at work is driving me nuts! Not in the sense that I'm gonna stop or anything. But here I use the nurse's office to pump. Thing is, it's just that, an office that is used by the nurse. She has a curtain to divide the room in two. So as long as no one else is in there it's fine, but if there is some one in there I can't go in. So yesterday I tried to go in 3 different times and couldn't. I'm really trying to get on an every 2 hour schedule to get my milk supply up and this is just not helping. I've decided that I'm going to out and pump in my car. If I sit in the back seat the windows are tinted and I think I might be more relaxed being alone. Hopefully this will work ok.

I'm really excited for Friday, we are going on a road trip to VA, it's about an 8 hour drive. Our nephew is graduating from high school. This will be the first time I've met his sister and two nieces. And we're getting family pictures done. My MIL is so excited to have photos off all her grand kids together! I'm excited to spend so much time with my family!

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  1. Sounds like not the best start to a week. I hate when little things like that kind of snowball together to make live more stressful. I hope you had a great time at the graduation. I just got to read your post now. And I hope you, hubby and Lilly are having a wonderful Father's Day as well.


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