Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday's Suck!!!

I hate Mondays and today has already been terrible, and it's only 7am!
Not that any of you really want to know this, but I have terrible hemrroids and they were so bad this morning I cried! It hurts to walk, sit, lay down, you name it, it hurts.
Then I dropped Lilly off with Nana and for the first time I got in the car and cried. I hated leaving her this weekend. I can't wait to get home tonight and hold her. Or for Friday when I get to spend the whole day with her! It may be in a car, but I'll be with her!
Then I'm walking into work, carrying my pump, my purse and my coffee (which is honestly less than what I used to carry to and from work every day) and I tripped and fell. I have skin stuck to the inside of my pants from my knees and the palm of my left hand is all scraped up and the blood vessel that runs up the rist by the crease at the bottom of your thumb is all swollen and bruised.
Today I really just want to go get my daughter and lay in bed with her all day!
My weekend was good though. Saturday morning I woke up and pumped and B took care of Lilly and let me sleep 2 extra hours. Then I showered and took care of her while he showered. Then I was off to the mall, BY MYSELF!!! B took care of Lilly by himself for 6 hours on Saturday! And he only called me once to find out where the gas drops were and how to give them to her. I was very proud of him!
Yesterday was a pretty good day as I got to spend it with Lilly. Daddy went fishing so we had some girl time. Then my mom called and invited us up for dinner. It was a great day overall.
I can't wait to get home tonight!

Milk Coma

Just because I think she's cute!

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  1. Okay, first of all.. I love the camo print on your boppy. If they had that without pink on it I would so get one for mine. Secondly, what kind of Gas Drops do you use for Lilly? Do they actually work? I am wondering if i should try them on Nathan, in additino to his Zantac. I am sorry to hear about how this morning has gone for you. Not a wonderful way to start the week!

    PS: From your dashboard, go into your Settings Tab, then select the Email & Mobile Tab. There is a place there were it lets you add email addresses. Let me konw if that works for you!!!

    Here's to a better Monday and for Friday to come quickly, so you can spend time with Lilly!


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