Thursday, June 25, 2009

Doing Better

WARNING: If you find baby behinds offensive don't look at the pictures!

Baby girl is doing better now that the effects of her shots have warn off. She certainly wasn't happy the night she got them.

I can't believe how interactive she is getting! She love to "talk" now. Even this morning, only minutes after waking up she was all smiles and coos. I can see she is going to be a morning person like her daddy.

As for me, I'm tired and stressed. I constantly feel like I'm not getting anything done. Laundry piles up so fast and its not even all Lilly's, it's mostly ours. And I'm constantly washing bottles and pumping supplies. I thought about buying more bottles, but I don't want to spend the money, I'm sure it won't be long and she'll be needing the 8 oz ones anyway. My weight is suffering from all this too cause I haven't been able to make a meal plan and a grocery list, I really need to get on this. It just seems that Lilly wants to nurse forever when she gets home at night, like an hour and half last night, then she wants to play, but not by herself. Last night I didn't even get dinner until 10:30 when she went to bed cause I used the 30 minutes she napped to fold laundry cause I'm sick of wrinkled clothes. And I really don't know what to do cause B is being a big help. 4 nights a week he accomplishes at least one chore, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming, the bathroom and dusting. And that doesn't count the time he makes dinner and does dishes. I really need to get a routine going here!

Ok, pitty party over, tomorrow is Friday and I'm excited to spend the weekend with my friends and family!


  1. I love the pictures!!! That's too precious! I know how you feel about the shots!! Not so wonderful are they? I am tempted to have Nathan's next set done at 4 and a half months, just so his daddy can be home and take him for them!!! I'm a stinker, aren't I?

  2. And I understand about trying to keep up... I feel for you. I am home all day and I can't get it accomplished. You are superwoman. I couldn't get anything done if I was working too!! Hang in there!

  3. Don't worry...everything else can wait. Just enjoy your baby! You'll eventually eat, clean, and do laundry but later...
    (I am feeling the same way but when I look from a pile of laundry to Mr. Miles, I always choose Mr. Miles!)


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