Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I can't believe it's already July!!! It's going to be a busy month, well kind of.

Tomorrow is my sister's birthday and being that I have the day off her, our mom and I are all going to get the full mani, pedi treatment. That's what I got for my b-day, but never got the chance to use it so we are going to have some girl time. Then we are going out around 9pm to have a few drinks. Thankfully my aunt is going to watch Lillian at my house for a few hours. I'm so glad because now B can go out with us. Then Friday we leave for the beach! I can't wait, Lillian and I will be there (with a bunch of family) until the 12th! B will only be with us on the weekends though :(

Then the 28th is B's 33rd birthday, I have no idea what I'm gonna do for him. Any ideas?

Oh yeah and we are starting to look at houses this week! I'm so excited! I really can't wait to have our own place where we can have a yard for the dogs and I can get things organized and actually decorate with the things we got for our wedding almost 2 years ago!

Ok, now to the mommy stuff. I'm not sure what to think on this. When Lillian was with Nana during the week she was drinking at least 3 4oz bottles every day and once in a while she'd drink 4. Now my sister is watching her and she is drinking maybe 2 4oz bottles. I'm not sure if its because she has been having her first bottle a little later than she was before, if its because she has changed her nap time, or if my sister can't always tell when she is hungry. I'm thinking its just a schedule cause Mon (my sister) hasn't had a problem with her crying and she rarely takes her binkie during the day according to her. She has been eating at least twice at night though so I'm trying not to worry, but I can't help but worry a little that she isn't eating enough. Of course it could just be this cold she has too, it's going away though!

As for me, I feel like the last picture I posted of her on Monday! Yesterday I actually left work early because for a half hour I kept nodding off at my computer and finally decided I wasn't going to get anything done anyway. I went to my mom's to feed Lillian rather than pump and guess who decided she didn't want to take a nap, Lillian, so guess who didn't get a nap, yup, me! And then when she did nap I had to go pick B up! So once again I'm tired today, Welcome to mommyhood!!!

Oh yeah and just to add a little more to this novel: when I was trying to find a sitter so we could go out with my sister B suggested his step mom and I finally broke down and told him that he wouldn't understand, but she had stepped on my toes and I don't trust her to take care of Lillian the way I want her to. Thankfully he didn't try and tell me I'm nuts or defend her, he just said well if you can't find some one you trust then I will stay home with her so you can go out with your sister! It made me so happy for him to understand, or at least just deal with it. But as I said above, we found a sitter.
So I'm probably going to post a picture every day cause I just love looking at my little girl. If you get sick of them just let me know!


  1. I love the picture!! Just precious! In regard to Lilly not seeming to eat as much, I am guessing what you may have been noticing before are the growth spurts that babies have a lot of right away after birth. There were times when it seemed like all Nathan did was nurse. Lately, he seems to be nursing less through out the day and I think it is a combination of his extreme growths spurts are gearing down, (though he is due for another here at 3 monhs and that's coming up quick) and also the fact that we are doing more during the day now too, we are out and about more and he is more stimulated by the world, and sleeps longer when out in his stoller too. I would say as long as Lilly is not crying a lot and is still having a good amount of wet diapers through out the day, that there is no need to worry. July sounds like a busy month!! I am so glad it's here!!!

  2. We can never get enough pictures of the cutie! Miles had a growth spurt last weekend where he ate longer on the boob and took much longer naps during the day. I am sure this is just a phase Lilly is going through and she'll be back on schedule soon.


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