Friday, February 13, 2009

29 Weeks down 11 to go!

I can't believe how everything is coming together with this pregnancy! We have our birthing.classes this weekend, yes a St. Valentine's Day we will never forget, and my 3 showers now have official dates!!! March 8, 14 and 21. I really can't wait I've been frantically organizing our registries and making sure everything is on there. With 3 showers and 3 registries I'm trying to make sure everything stays even and they are full enough.

I haven't really blogged much lately cause no much has been going on. Since my last appointment I've been faithfully logging everything I eat in a journal and I think it's helping cause this week I love 2.5 lbs. No, I'm not trying to lose weight, but I really don't need to be eating all the junk that I didn't realize I was eating. Its also helping me make sure that I get my minimum of 64oz of water a day and I've been doing great with that! I actually shoot for 80, but make sure I get the 64.

Taking the iron pills is nothing short of terrible! I have to take them 1 hour before eating and 2 hours after eating and can't lay down for a half hour after taking them, and it's twice a day. And did I mention they make me feel like throwing up! Doesn't seem to matter if I eat or not. But on a plus side my aunt told me the other day that I had more color in my face than I had the last few times she'd seen me, which has been at least once a week for the last month, so I guess they are doing their job.

Lilly loves it when he daddy reads to her, she just can't get enough. She gets excited and starts kicking and then calms down and falls asleep. I love it! I hope it continues to be that way once she's born!

Besides that I don't really think there is much going on. I miss my MBIS08 girls soo much, but I'm just so tired by the time I get home I have all I can do to make dinner and eat and not pass out 7. I hope you are all doing well and I might get a chance to get on and catch up this weekend, but if not know that I love you all and I think about you all the time. I hope to see some BFPs soon!

I'll leave everyone with these:

PS - What do you think of the new blog? I'm still working on the header, but I think I finally got all the spacing kinks worked out. Let me know if it looks funny on your screen.


  1. Great pictures! WOW, 11 weeks?! That's not very long. Have a great weekend!

  2. Blog looks great from here! :D I think the pink on black is a little easier to read.

    Gosh, you are nearing the home stretch. Pretty unbelievable.

  3. Cute new layout!

    We miss you too, but we understand. It's important that you get your rest!

    Three showers is pretty awesome! I have a good feeling Lily is going to recieve sooo many cute things!

  4. The layout looks great, no problems whatsoever for me, and I run in a very large font.


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