Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I knew it wouldn't last...

I've been priding myself on the fact that I haven't gotten sick and I'm 29 weeks pregnant, but in all reality I knew it wouldn't last. I woke up at 3am Sunday morning with a really sore throat. It was manageable with warm fluids, but by yesterday morning I couldn't take any more. I could only sleep an hour or two at a time before swallowing woke me up again. I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon to be sure it wasn't Strep, and it's not. Just a viral thing so it's salt water and fluids for me! I honestly feel like crap, but I'm very proud of myself for making it through most of the winter without getting sick, its quite unusual for me.

Saturday and Sunday we had our birthing classes at the hospital, they were great! The girl that taught the class is actually a L&D nurse and has had a set of twins and triplets. The hospital is very pro all natural birth and will help you achieve that if it's what you want. They are very pro breast feeding and encourage you to try it right away. They will even leave the baby with you for up to an hour before taking it to weight and get all cleaned up and stuff. She went over when to come to the hospital to prevent being there too long and ensured that you are not made to stay in the bed, and if you labor is the tub they just check the baby's hb every hour and don't make you get out. Other than that they monitor you for 20 minutes and then encourage you to be active for an hour and then monitor another 20 minutes. They even have the monitors you can walk around with. The rooms are nice and large in L&D including a TV that you don't have to pay for and a nice large bathroom you can stand in the shower in and have hubby with you or people sitting in the room with you. And my favorite part is that all the maternity rooms are single rooms with a chair that pulls out into a bed (or a cot) so that hubby or another guest can stay the night. And they don't even have a "nursery" like with the windows that you see on TV. They encourage you to keep the baby, and if you ask them to take the baby for whatever reason, they are constantly by a nurses side and they will only give them back to one of the two people who have a bracelet matching the babies. I think it's great!

That's all I can really think of right now. I hope everyone had a wonderful Valen.tines.Day and thanks for all the comments on my new look. The header is done now too!


  1. Sorry you are not feeling well, seems like there is an awful lot of sickness going around this winter. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I was really sick with a cold about two weeks ago. A humidifier really helped me, you want want to give it a try. Sick n' pregnant don't mix! I hope you feel better soon.

    Thats awesome that your hospital supports rooming in! I think I might have to fight the hospital I'm using in order to keep baby with me.

  3. UHG being sick while pregnant, SUCKS! Hope you feel better. If you can, labor in the tub as long as possible! It is AWESOME! I did not want to get out to be checked because it was so warm and it felt SO good AND I had my son in July...lol Your header looks great!

  4. Sounds like a great hospital. So glad the classes went well!!

    Hope you feel better soon. I can only imagine how miserable you must feel. Get better!


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