Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thanks Everyone!

Thank you everyone for thinking of me. So far so good on the job front. My boss doesn't act like he's heard anything about more lay offs, but they probably wouldn't actually tell him til right before anyway. So now I'm trying to work on as many projects as I can and get as caught up as I can so that I can take my maternity leave as early as possible. As of right now it looks like I'll be able to stop working around April 22nd. That's only 11 weeks away! Sounds like a while, but when you say 2.5 months it certainly doesn't.

In baby news I've decided that I really need to start looking into day care (I think). I was wondering if you ladies would help me out a little. If you have kids can you tell me what kind of day care you used. Private or a center and what you thought of them. There are pros and cons to both and I just don't know what I want to do. As of this morning though I'm thinking private. Mainly because my mom's fiance's sister in-law does it out of her home. And B's cousin was actually watched by her and they said she's great! but that doesn't mean there won't be draw backs.

Also in baby news I have my 28 week appointment tomorrow and I'm so nervous. I should be getting the results of my glucose test back. Besides that everything should be good. Although I am going to ask her what I should do next time I get chest pains. She told me to call her last time, but I didn't want to call at 10 at night and then have them stop like they did the first time.

Well that's about it. Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!

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  1. I am sure your glucose test will be fine. I wasn't so lucky and my doctor called me within like a day of the blood draw. :) Hang in there and welcome to your 3rd trimester! Time sure flies! I know I can't believe how quickly my pregnancy has gone.


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