Sunday, August 17, 2008

Show and Tell Anniversary Edition

Show and Tell

Well, in honor of today being my anniversary I decided I would share with the class some of my wedding pictures. I can't believe it's been a year already!

Ok so here we have me finishing up getting my make up done. I loved having it done. My MIL was nice enough to pay for it for me.
My grandfather walked me down the isle. He's been the only man in my life that was there for me through everything. I love him so much!

This is the box my grandfather made for us. During the ceremony the JP talked about how we each wrote a letter to the other and did not show them to each other. And we locked the box and it is only to be opened if we find our marriage in trouble or on our 20th anniversary if we choose. If you want to read more about it you can here. I cried the first time I read about it cause I thought it was so sweet. Even B loved it.

This was our wedding party. The one in all blue is my younger sister, she was my maid of honor. And all the other girls are my sorority sisters and best friends.

There's my short B. On either side are his step brothers, the one with the silver vest was hi best man. The one all the way on the left is his best friend (whom is gorgeous, but not so much in a tux) and all the way on the right is his cousin.

I love this picture of our rings in my flowers.
This is our cake I designed. Didn't turn out exactly as I wanted, but everyone said it was great. I wanted the white dots to look like pearls, and the bow should be down on the ribbon band so it matched the girls' dresses, but oh well.

And this was the topper on the cake at our rehearsal dinner. B love to fish, he love it.

And this is B licking the cake off my face after shoving it up my nose. You can see his dad and step-mom in the back ground smiling from ear to ear.
On of my favorite pics of us, right after my sister and his brother gave the toasts.

And last but not least, this is a picture of us in a game that the DJ surprised us with. We both had one of our own shoes and one of the other's shoes. And the DJ would ask us questions like who takes care of money, and who would say I love you more and other really funny stuff that I can't remember now. It was a lot of fun and the guests loved it. I paid $1500 for my DJ in the end, and he would have played as long as we wanted for no extra charge. It was worth every penny! Check out these Demos, he's amazing. We did the love story, first dance and songs to our moms.

Well now that I'm sure I bored you with my wedding, let me say it took me forever to narrow down the photos, check out what other people brought to Show and Tell today.


  1. Looks as though you had a beautiful, elegant and happy wedding! Happy anniversary!

  2. You had such a wonderful wedding! You were truly a beautiful bride. I love the box your grandfather made you.

  3. AWESOME pics, Brandi! Great, really great. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy anniversary, Brandi! (And B too of course!) I love looking at wedding photos, and yours are beautiful! I know what you mean about narrowing it down. Have you gotten your album already? We haven't even finished selecting our pictures yet. It's crazy! We have until our anniversary (Sept. 1) to narrow it down, or we have to pay extra. We have to narrow down 1,043 photos to just 100. I would have had it done ages ago, but Al wanted to do it with me. Very sweet of him, but he's been too busy. So now it's crunch time and I'm doing it myself anyway. I've got it down to just under 600 so far, and a couple of weeks to go...yikes!

  5. What a beautiful wedding, you are Gorgeous and you both look so happy. Very touching, thanks so much for sharing. Thank you also for stopping by my blog.
    Happy Anniversary!

  6. Your wedding sounds like it was a lot of fun!

    Love the pictures. They are beautiful!


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