Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I can't believe it's already Thursday. It seems like this week has gone by pretty fast. Which is great! Now lets hope that next week goes by even faster. I hate the 1ww. The first week normally goes by pretty fast and I don't even think about testing because we all know it's just way to early. Most the time I don't even make up symptoms in the first week. But last night getting out of the shower I found myself thinking, "I'm not testing at all this month. If AF hasn't arrived by the 26th, then maybe I'll think about it. She should be here any time from the 21st to the 24th. Yes, my LP has ranged from 11 to 15 days since my m/c. So anyway, the fact that I'm already thinking about not testing means I will probably test around 10 dpo. I won't test sooner than that cause I think it's pointless. Strange thing, my gums bled a little bit this morning when I was brushing, but I'm not thinking anything of it cause I very well could have just been brushing too hard. They bleed half the time when I floss anyway. I also have a lower back ache, but with me that could be nothing too. Don't even know why I brought that stuff up, I'm sure it's nothing!

In other news, I'm once again trying to quit smoking. Seems to be a monthly goal. By the time AF arrives, I'm so depressed and stressed out that I lose all self control. Plus I start drinking again then. If I haven't kicked the habit yet again by the time I see the Dr. next month I will ask him for help, again.

Also health related, I'm starting to eat healthier again. Yesterday wasn't my best example, but I'm doing good so far today (yeah I know it's early). For breakfast, instead of having my coffee, which was fat and caffeine free, I'm having a Smoothie made from the weight watchers smoothies with added banana and raspberries. I also have watermelon. For a snack I have some of those Ritz toasted Chips and for lunch I have about 6oz of pork tenderloin with veggies. YUM! I've also been good about working out. It's only been for about a half hour, but that's a half hour more than what I was doing.

Well I think I've rambled on enough...


  1. Great to hear that "getting healthier" is working out for you! I wish I could feel as on board about it as you do. ;-)

  2. I am so glad I am not the only one that struggles with smoking. I have been afraid to mention it on my blog. I quit when first ttc but then the stress and disappointment got me. I know I will quit when the day finally comes but I need to do it now.

    Thank you for this post.

  3. I know how you feel. We are approaching our year and a half mark since quitting BCP and actively trying for five months. Its tough and I don't smoke but I find myself eating a lot. I eat so much I literally get sick. Depressed. The whole nine yards. I keep wanting to get "in shape" I only way 119lbs but I want to get fit...(this usually happens right after AF when I claim I quit trying). I may not smoke but snacking and my health habits arent any better for me than smoking. BABY DUST AND PRAYERS.


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