Friday, August 1, 2008

Other Happenings Today...

So today is CD 8, the beginning of my FTW (Fun Two Weeks). Every other day for the next two weeks DH and I are going to BD. I told him about this probably 2 or 3 weeks ago, but I'm sure he's forgotten so last weekend while he was in the shower I took his phone and put little messages on the calendar that said things like "Our fun begins tonight" and "You're getting lucky today". This way hopefully he will know why I'm coming on to him and not try and blow me off cause he's tired. ** Also if you have any other ideas for things I can put in that little amount of space, feel free to let me know, I'm not that good with all the 'sex talk'**

So he picks up his phone before we leave for work and says "what does this little symbol mean?" I told him it was the calendar symbol. He says "Well I don't have anything on my calendar, what is it?" I told him he did and don't worry about it til later. Then he informed me "I don't like people messing with my phone, but since it's my wife I'll let it slide." Considering how tired and grumpy I was I wanted to tell him to just forget it and delete it cause it wasn't going to happen anyway (his fault I was tired). Which of course it will, it better!

Other than that, not much going on. Trying to decide how I'm going to work this weekend. We are supposed to be moving a bed tonight, tomorrow is breakfast with my grandparents and then helping pull off a surprise party. But I have lots of things I want to get done around the house. Most of it not that hard to do, but still things I need motivation for. And when you've been busy every day, but Sunday, having the motivation to get it done is tough. Especially when DH won't be around to help me. He's going to be putting a roof on a Habitat for Humanity house.

So nothing major going on, So Happy It's Friday!!!


  1. Don't worry about being "good at the sex talk". He won't grade you on it. If it gets the point across, he'll be happy with it. Last night I got out of the shower and yelled down to DH, "I'm naked!" That was enough. =) Other choice phrases I've been known to use are, "Wanna bang?" and "You should do me." I also find that, when he's in his office using the computer, walking in there completely naked works wonders.

    One thing that really helps during the FTW, when you're losing motivation, is not to wait till bed time for the action to begin. Do it before dinner, or shortly after, before you start to relax for the night. Then you don't feel pressured to do it when you're tired.

  2. If he's a morning person..don't forget to add mornings to the mix. Certainly on the weekends anyway. And, try to do something non-sexual with him that he'd never expect, but would love for you to do (like my hubby loves it when I take out my fiddle to play along with him when he practices his mandolin). Hoping for a lucky, sexy outcome!

  3. Ahahaha! I love "FTW" thats great! Happy sexin'!

  4. Oh, I made a huge mistake once. I told him, OK, LET'S HAVE SEX TODAY. IT'S OVULATION DAY. He just freaked out! He was so stressed out and it was a failure.

    I used to tease him, SHOW ME YOUR KRULL THE WARRIOR KING! lol!!!

    Yeah, I agree. I do it before dinner, first thing in the morning. I usually get sleepy by 10pm. Man, did I just say that I get sleepy by 10pm? i must be getting old!!!!

    Have fun!


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