Friday, August 15, 2008

Need Some Advice

I'm not so rapidly approaching my year mark, but I guess that's good cause I need to find out some information first I think.

When AF arrives in September (about 5 weeks from now) it will mark 1 year since I stopped using BCP. This is also when I will be do for my yearly exam. At this appointment (providing I can't turn it into a prenatal visit) I will bring up the subject of not being able to get PG again.

What I need advice on is finding out what my insurance covers. Is this something that my doctor will handle for me? Do I need to call my insurance company to find out for myself? As of right now I have my insurance through work. The book they give me is very vague.

We don't have the money to pay for a lot of testing on our own and I'm so worried that I'm going to be crushed and not be able to go on because we can't afford it. Right now we are trying to pay off our credit cards so we can buy a home.

So my question is, do I start looking into the insurance now, or wait to have the appointment first?


  1. It doesn't hurt to call your insurance company first, and then you'll hear the answer directly instead of from your doctor's office. They deal with so many patients and insurance companies every day, it's just too much for them to keep everything straight.

    All insurance companies are different, so your experience probably won't be exactly like mine, but here's how my call to Tufts went:

    After explaining why I called, I was transferred to the department that deals with fertility coverage. That woman there was very helpful at explaining everything. "We cover x, y and z. Then if you want to get a, b, or c, have your doctor call us for pre-approval. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Do you want me to send you an info packet on our fertility coverage? Here's the number to call this department directly if you have any more questions."

  2. Health insurance is only small part of my business in Toronto term life, however I think I can give you advice. Check your policy papers, check website of your insurance company and then call them. But you know, it's pretty possible responsible person on the phone can give you not exact info, so it's better to call later again, to other person (if it's call center) to be sure. Insurance companies have often chaos in their internal information...
    Best wishes


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