Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Good Day, Bad Day?

Well I suppose yesterday was more of a good day than a bad day.

I'm totally excited because just as I was getting ready to leave work the UPS guy called me and said that my brand new elliptical machine would be delivered in an hour! They said it would be 1 to 6 weeks, so imagine my surprise when it only took 5 days!!! DH and I set it up as soon as we got there and he promised to clean out our room in the basement and make it a workout room for me. so hopefully we can get his weight bench down there too. I can't wait to get home tonight and use it So I suppose Wednesdays will be my health update days.

I apparently have the worst luck with computers! We bought out laptop last September when we got home from out honeymoon (totally bad timing) because the one I had was 4 or 5 years old and had quit working. Well just a month after buying it the monitor started turning off for no reason. I called and they fixed it over the phone by the remote access thing. Well last night when I got home half of the screen was black and the other half was working. So I figured it had just been on too long. Well I turned it off and left it off all night. This morning I turned it on and same thing. B went to move the screen so he could see better and the whole thing worked, but when he took his hand off it went to half a screen again. I suppose I'm glad it happened now while it's still under warranty so I'm not going to complain too much, I just hope it's the least of my worries with the thing. I may buy an extended warranty considering the troubles I've had in the last year.

My Dish went out, but only on 1 of the 3 TVs. We have a basic receiver in the room in the basement cause for 4 months my girlfriend from college lived with us, while working with B. Well I've only used the TV down there a few times while I was cleaning. We went to turn it on last night while setting up the elliptical and it didn't work. So I spent a half hour on the phone with the Dish people. In the end, it works again so I'm not going to complain too much. Just irritates me cause they basically stopped sending signal even though I was paying for it (used or not I was paying for it) and I have no way to know how many month I should be able to ask for $ back for.

Best part of the day, the BDing!!! Yes you read that right, we actually BD last night. Of course not without frustration on my part. Why is the TV always involved in our foreplay? And I don't mean dirty videos. I mean he watches shows on TV until "it's time". I got so pissed last night. He was running his fingers over my body and watching TV. If he hadn't rolled over when he did I was going to tell him he may as well go rub the damn TV. I know it feels like a chore some times, but maybe if you actually paid attention to me, it wouldn't. I didn't say anything though cause I figured at that moment wasn't the right time to yell. In the end I was happy, but next time the TV will go off immediately!

So that was my night and I can't wait to get home today and figure out my new toy! I'm sure I'll be doing a Show and Tell this week!

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  1. The best thing I ever did was take the TV out of the bedroom. Mostly it was because DH goes to sleep later than I do, and while I can fall asleep with the TV on, I can't stay asleep with it on. But I've read that people with a TV in the bedroom have sex less often than those who don't, so it helps there too. Of course, once I'm pregnant, I'm having him put a small flat screen in there for! (Hey, bed rest, you know?)


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