Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My original plan for posting today was to put up the pictures from my surprise shower, but to be completely honest I don't feel like getting out of my chair to go get the cord to download the picture and then upload them, so instead I'll tell you about my goal of Once.A.Month.Cooking (OAMC)

This goal I started working while I was off the week between Christmas and New Years.  I found the site OnceAMonthMom and I'm in LOVE!!!  This site has monthly menus for all sorts of diets, including baby food!  Bonus, is that they have made the recipes customizable using Google.Documents!  All you do is type in the number of people you want to make the recipe for and it calculates what you need to make that recipe for that number of people to eat it twice that month!

My first attempt at a cooking day was essentially a failure in the sense that it took me well over one day to do the cooking and I wasn't even making all of the recipes!  I attribute this to several things. . . 1) I should have read the instructions page first and I would have realized they planned all the chopping for the night before.  2) I should have gone out to the shed and found the box my chopper is currently sitting in rather than doing it by hand.  For one meal it's no big deal, but chopping 8.25 cups of onions by hand is very time consuming!  And 3) I'm pregnant!  I have to take more breaks and sit more than the average OAMCooker.

The recipes I have found to be overall yummy.  There are a few things I might change up for my family's taste, but nothing major.  Like using regular 90% lean beef rather than turkey or chicken for some of the recipes.  Only because when my husband saw the turkey he flipped out.  Little does he realize he eats Turkey sausage all the time!  It must be a man thing cause really I can't tell the difference and now I'm stuck eating a whole meatloaf between Lillian and I.  I like meatloaf, but not enough to eat it for lunch and dinner every day!

And can I just say nights are so much more enjoyable not having to figure out what's for dinner!  I portioned everything out and wrote down how many servings of each thing I had.  Then I sat down with my calendar and worked out what nights we are home and what nights we are busy and planned what to eat each night.  Now all I have to do is look at my calendar and I know what's for dinner. 

I won't lie, I'm not looking forward to the shopping and cooking for this month, but I'm so excited to about the recipes in this months menu and not having to figure something out every night that it's sooooo worth it!  Especially with this little girl coming so soon!

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