Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas and Bye-Bye Binkie!

Christmas was great this year!  I won't lie I stressed out quite a bit the week before, B getting sick that Tuesday really didn't help (he is a bigger baby than Lilli when he's sick), but in the end it turned out great!

Christmas Eve Eve I only had to work a half day.  I picked Lillian up from the sitter and took her home where B entertained her while I locked myself in the playroom/craft room and wrapped presents for I don't even know how many hours.  Well actually, is was only like 3 or 4, but when you are almost 30 weeks pregnant sitting on the floor and bending over gifts for that long, it seems like days!

Christmas Eve I couldn't sleep so I got up and finished wrapping the last few I had.  I was so excited to not have to stay up an wrap presents after Lilli went to bed that night that I can't even explain it!  That evening we went out to dinner with my mom, her DF, my sister, aunt, uncle and cousin.  Normally we would have had a nice big meal at home, but we decided the convenience of not having to clean up after a big meal was worth the trip out.  After dinner we went to mom's for a little bit to hang out and "watch" a Christmas movie.  In all honesty I don't think there was much watching going on, it was more chatting than anything, but it was nice to be together.  Before getting ready to leave we exchanged small gifts with my Aunt and Lillian opened and put on her new PJs.

**Side note about preparing for Bye-Bye Binkie: For over a month we talked with Lillian about how she was going to leave her binkies out in a box for Santa and in exchange for her Binkies he was going to leave her presents.  We really tried to hype up the getting presents and when people would talk to her about Santa we'd have her tell them what she had to do and such.

Of course of all nights, Lillian fell asleep in the car with her binkies on the way home from my mom's.  It's only a 15 minute drive.  B thought I was crazy for waking her up, and maybe I was, but I wanted her to remember giving up her binkies the next day so that she didn't think Santa was horrible for taking them.  It took a good 20 minutes, but she finally agreed to put "all" of her binkies in the box.  Bed time after that was a little rough, but we managed.  It took probably an hour and half of "I just really want my binkies" and "I don't want to go to sleep" for her to finally give in to her exhaustion, but she did it.  And managed to do it not long before B came in to tell me he was done wrapping and it was time to put the presents out...

And I actually have to do some work now, so Christmas Day is going to have to be another post...

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