Tuesday, January 31, 2012

35 Weeks

I can't wait for this little girl to get here! I feel like she's eating my brain and I'm eating everything else!

My brain function level is on low, I'm tired, no matter how much or little sleep I get and even when I'm tired I have a hard time sleeping, some times I can't get comfortable, some times my head is whirling with thoughts and other times I have a toddler who doesn't think sleeping is a good idea. And then of course there's going to the bathroom constantly or having a chance to sleep, but it's my only time to get something done without my "little helper".

My little helper is doing great though besides bed time.  She's using the potty ALL the time, even to poop!  And if you've never potty trained before you just don't know how awesome that is!

The binkies are now a thing of the past!  She has mentioned them once, while just waking up, since only a few days after getting rid of them.

She sings songs constantly!  And I just love when she combines a bunch of them.  She even gets up on her stool and uses one of her blocks as a microphone.

She pretty much knows all her colors and when she says one wrong she'll say "silly me, that's not..."

She knows most of the basic shapes, she gets a little confused with square and diamond some times, but considering most of the ones on her toys are the same, just rotated, it's not surprising.

Now we need to work on learning her letters and tracing.  She just does not get the concept of tracing.

Oh and her throwing fits/whining and bed time routine.  Both have me at my whits end, I have ideas on how to correct our issues, it's getting the other parental unit to realize how important consistency is and getting him to be consistent and not give in that the big problem is.

I was going to leave you with an adorable picture, but I don't have any I haven't posted right now, so instead you can tell me if you think I've dropped.  It's a question I've been getting a lot lately and I don't really think so, but I do think she may be starting.

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35 Weeks

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