Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas morning B and I were awake around 7.  In all honesty, I couldn't wait for Lillian to wake up.  I was so excited to see her reaction to the presents and everything.  She started stirring in bed around 7:30 so B kind of coaxed her awake.  It took lots of convincing to let me change her diaper.  I told her she couldn't go see what Santa left until I did though because I didn't want to have to try and convince her in the middle of opening gifts that she needed a new diaper.  When she finally went to the living room around 8 this is what she found...

Gifts are from Santa, mom and dad, grandparents and aunt.

Lilli not knowing what to do first.
 It's always been tradition in my house to open stocking first so that's where we started.  Of course she had to sit on her new couch!

She was quite happy to just sit on the couch bed and eat a Reeses.Christmas.Tree.  She didn't even ask to open another present.

After the grandparents and Aunt Pocca arrived we talked her into opening more gifts.  Never should have left her open the Lea.pster2 when I did.  She would have been happy with just that.  I was amazed how quickly she figured it out, with no help!

One of her other favorite gifts (we had to talk her into opening) was a Do.ra sticker/coloring book.

Baby sister wanted a sticker too!
I was so proud of her, she never whined or asked if there were any more presents and she was very good about saying thank you to everyone. 

We had her open a present for her baby sister and she ran right over to me and lifted up my shirt to show her.  She then announced "baby sister loves it!"

We were able to stay home for a little over an hour after opening gifts which was nice.  We then traveled to see my sister's dad on our way to B's Uncle's house to spend some time with his family.

It was realized the next day that Santa hid some presents in mommy's craft cupboard, but we decided to keep one for her birthday since she had already gotten so much art stuff and the other we gave to her on NYE when we went and did presents with B's dad.

I think just this week we finally got the last toy out of the box.  Not because there was so much, but more because Lilli loved all her new stuff and only has wanted to open and play with one thing at a time.

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