Monday, January 16, 2012

They Got Me

A little background... Back in July my sister had planned a purse party.  The day of the party was beautiful, which meant that the only people that showed up to this party were me and my mother.  I felt horrible for my sister when she sent the guy and his purses home.  I was also totally bummed because I really wanted a new purse!  So when my sister informed about a month ago that she was having another purse party on January 15th I was so excited.  I've been using the purse she got me for Christmas in 2010 all year!  Anyone who knows me, knows that is a long time! 

So this weekend my best friend made the 2 hour trip to come hang out with me and go to the purse party.  We got there a little early and my MIL and another friend, A, were already there.  Now I found it a little strange that A was there because she doesn't carry a purse, I've never seen her with a purse and I highly doubt she owns one, but I attributed it to J, my best friend and friend of A's being there.  All of a sudden my sister comes down the hall and says "So I just got a message from the purse guy, he has the flu and isn't going to make it."  I was like "are you serious, how does this always happen to me???"  Then Lillian walks out wearing a ribbon that says "#1 Big Sister" on it.  It still doesn't really click until my sister says "So there was never really a purse party today, we are all here to have a shower for you."

Can you say total shock?!    I totally thought I was having a shower Feb 4th and had even gotten addresses for my MIL and finished up my registry.

It was a great surprise.  There was wonderful snacky foods and lots of fun.  I'll have another post with photos soon.  Right now this is the only one I have on the computer.

Lilli had a blast opening Baby Sister's stuff

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