Monday, January 30, 2012

The Other Foot

It seems that this whole pregnancy I've been waiting for the other foot to drop. So far there hasn't been one, but I can't shake that feeling. I've pushed it to the back of my head for several months, but the pre-programmed "expect the worst" part of me can't help but wonder...

This past week has renewed my fears of "The Other Foot".  My friend gave birth to 4.5lb little boy at just under 37 weeks.  She was expecting a small baby and that he may have to stay in the NICU, but she wasn't prepared for him to be transferred to the Children's Hospital in another town with the initial diagnosis of a missing pulmonary artery.  She was also scared with a few other mis-diagnoses and in the end he has his pulmonary artery, but it is only partial.  He will get a shunt this week and have a surgery in a month or two to fix his artery.  Thankfully he is currently doing well and his body is functioning properly and he's even eating.

It amazed me that they didn't find this condition until after birth.  She was having at least weekly ultrasounds do to her high risk pregnancy with GD and threat of PreE. 

It also scares me that I have two friends that have had babies in the last 4 months that have had heart issues.  My other friends little girl has a much more serious issue and has been in the hospital for almost 4 months now and has already under gone 2 open heart surgeries.  It was this friend that told me she found out that 1 in 100 babies has a heart defect at birth that isn't diagnosed until after birth.

Its funny how a mother's worry starts so soon and never ends!  I'm very anxious for my little girl to get here, only a few more weeks now!

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