Monday, February 6, 2012

Hair Cuts and Hospital Bags

Last night Lillian kept pushing the hair out of her face and B looked at me and said "when are you finally gonna get her hair cut, she looks horrible. I don't see what the big deal is?"

It isn't really a big deal I suppose, but it's one of the last "firsts" she's going to have besides school and such. Yes you have firsts until you leave this earth, but this is one I can control and if you've read long enough you know I like control.

The thing is, her hair, to me, isn't that bad when she pushes it out of her eyes to the right place.  Last night she was just taking a sweeping hand from her right ear all the way over to her left ear and pulling her hair across her colic which I agree looks horrible.

In this lovely (insert eye roll) picture you can see where she has a strand of hair across her forehead trying to go across her colic.  Last night it was admittedly worse with her forehead covered in hair.
I suppose this is a little closer to what her hair looked like last night.

 But I don't think she looks bad at all in this picture where her hair is actually parted.

I'm just in no rush.  Plus I remember what my poor sister looked like when my mom gave her bangs, because her hair was all still growing forward half her head was bangs, literally, from the center of the top of her head forward was bangs cause the hair wasn't heavy enough to weigh it down on the sides and Lillian's hair is quite thin, I don't want it to be the same way.

As for hospital bags, the baby's is packed...  Not that the baby really needs much, but I finally found a going home outfit that I can't wait to see her in, a few diapers, pacifiers (just in case, I really don't want to use them) and her Pooh Pram because I'm assuming it will be cold.

Mine on the other hand, I kind of started... I got the travel sized bathroom stuff this weekend and put in all in a little makeup bag to take, including a toothbrush for B, aren't I a nice wife?  Besides that B knows I want my own pillow and my phone, kindle and charges are always in my bag that are always by the door anyway.  Who needs clothes and other niceties???  OK, OK, I've got my list together and have a few things to pick up, hopefully I'll have a bag packed tonight since I'd really like to have this little girl in a week!

And just because I think she's adorable...

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