Tuesday, February 28, 2012

39 Week Love

I certainly didn't think I'd be writing a 39 week post!  Especially with the amount of Braxton Hicks contractions I had starting around 20 weeks.

Right now I'm taking things day by day.  Last night B asked how I was doing and my response was "I made it through today, I can make it through tomorrow."  It's getting hard though.  My body aches, my muscles ache and feel week and the thought of doing anything other than sitting on my ass generally makes me cringe.

One thing I'm loving though is the love my baby girl has been giving me.  She got to stay home with her daddy yesterday, but when she woke up and realized I wasn't there too she was not happy.  She wanted to see mommy.  After lunch time she called to tell me how she was looking for me when she got and how she was going to hide when I got home so I could find her.

When I got home we played on my (thankfully King Sized) bed where she showed me over and over that she could summer salts and when she'd tip side ways she'd say "Ooops that wasn't a good one."  She helped me make dinner, well really all she did was press the buttons on the microwave, but I have found that to be very useful in teaching her what each written number looks like.  And we took a bath where she lined up all her letters according to color and told me she was putting this one on the right and that one on the left and even one in the middle.  I really can't believe how smart she is.

At 4 this morning when her daddy picked her up and put her in our bed I really didn't mind much.  She came right over to me and told me she loved me and cuddled with me until I had to get up at 5.  As much as I hate her sleeping with us this mornings love was great!  I'm really starting to feel the pull at the heart strings that I'm not going to be able to giver her all my attention soon.

And just to keep up, here's this weeks belly picture...
 Doesn't look like much change from last week to me.  But you sure can tell I'm running out of clothes that fit!

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  1. Aw, how sweet of your baby! I am excited for the arrival of your newest addition! Love your bump pictures too :) I hope everything goes smoothly from getting through the last bit of your pregnancy to labor/delivery and everything after!

  2. You look great...i remember i hit the 39 week mark and i was getting so impatient. Hope your labor goes smoothly!!


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