Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just Not Today

Seems weird to feel like I've been praying for this little one to come out forever, but right now, I don't want her to come out today.

I have lots of people telling me she's coming today and if she continues her streak of doing exactly the opposite of what mommy wants, she'll be here within 16 hours or so.  At my appointment today, cervix willing, the plan is to strip my membranes.  I was a fingertip dilated last time so hopefully the contractions over the last week have helped me get to at least 1cm and things will go smoothly, but not so smoothly that my labor is less than 12 hours.

Really if she is born on this 29th day of February, it won't be a huge deal, I will be happy to meet her whenever she decides to arrive.  I just won't be looking forward to explaining to her when she turns 5, 6 or 7 why she doesn't have an actual birthday.

So with the notion that she will hopefully be coming in the next day or two I've been thinking about how I want to handle things after labor.  After Lillian was born I had a bombardment of people in the room before I was even able to shower.  I refuse to let that happen again this time.  I actually have pictures of people other than me and B holding my baby girl in the same room that I gave birth to her in.  In my hospital the birthing rooms and recovery rooms are in different hallways.  So here's the thought I have...I have a list of people I (or some one) will be sending labor updates to.  Once the wee one is born I will send stats and a message saying we thank everyone for their support and patience.  We will start accepting visitors... (obviously this will depend on the time of day she's born).

My other thought is that I'm worried about how Lillian is going to react to her little sister and me having to be so attentive to her.  While I know that she understands there is a baby coming and that right now she's in my belly, I know she doesn't understand that it means she can't have all my attention.  I'm trying to decide on how I want to introduce them.  I think the best option is to just have the baby in the room and in the bassinet when Lillian arrives to meet her, not me or daddy holding her.  That way I can love on Lillian right away and let her know how much I've missed her.  Then introduce her to the baby.  And of course we have a gift from baby sister to Lillian and a shirt that says "Best Big Sister Ever" for her to wear.

Another thought I've had to help Lillian deal with not being the center of attention is to ask all visitors to come in and say hi to Lillian first and let Lillian introduce or show them the baby.  Let her say "see my baby sister" or something like that rather than them just rushing to the baby like many family members do.  Do you think it's rude of me to mention this to people who may visit?  I just really don't want her to feel left out.

Do you think any of this sounds unreasonable?  Or have a better suggestion on ways to introduce baby to siblings and stop visitors from invading?

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