Friday, February 24, 2012

38 Weeks and Then Some

So I've tried to write this post a few times, but apparently blogger no long supports the version of Internet.Explorer I have on my work computer and I can't very well call the IT people and say "Hey, I need to blog so you need to update my internet.  One thing about working for a fortune 500 company is that you pretty much have no control over anything you use and can't download anything.  I've been using at home for quite some time now and I love it so I decided to try and download it at work this morning fully expecting to get an error, but guess what, it worked!!!  Yay!

So anyway, here I am at 38 weeks and 3 days.  This little girl has officially baked longer than her big sister did who was born at 38 weeks 2 days.  I'm feeling it, I'm feeling very over due even though technically I can still go 2 weeks and then some before my midwife will do anything forceful.

After my 37 week appointment I had a break down, but this week I wasn't so bad.  I have accepted the fact that it's now just a sit and wait game.  She will come when she is ready to come and hopefully like her big sister, it will be once I'm completely convinced she won't be here until after her due date.

At this weeks appointment my mw did check me and I'm barely dilated a fingertip.  Not that it really means anything.  I'm just hoping that by next Wednesday I'm dilated enough for her to strip my membranes and hopefully get this show on the road.  I'm starting to have the fear that the saying "If I had my second one first, there wouldn't be a second" is going to hold true for me.  I was blessed with an easy pregnancy, delivery and baby with Lillian and I'm just thinking things aren't going to be so great this time.

Speaking of Big Sister Lillian, she really is getting so big.  I'd like to believe that she is fully potty trained.  At home anyway.  The only time she wears a diaper with me is bed time and when we are in the car at bed time and she may fall asleep.  She doesn't even wear one for naps at home anymore, although she doesn't take many naps at home anymore either.  The only thing close to an accident we've had in a long time is the little dampness she got when I couldn't get her to the bathroom quick enough at the store.  I haven't even had a change a poopy diaper in a long time!  And this week she's even pooped on the potty at the sitters all week!  This is a great accomplishment since she was waiting for her diaper at nap time to go.  I'm so very proud of her!  She also does lots of things by herself now like wash her hands and button her shirt and all those "Big Girl" things!

And the one that kills me...
Buzz in her new Booster Car Seat
She's big enough to sit in a booster seat in the car now.  While this is great for extra room now that we have an infant seat in there again, it wasn't something I was totally prepared for.  She loves it though and it makes her feel like such a big kid.

For now I will leave you with this, my 38 week belly picture.

These were my last two pictures with Lilian.  I don't think I look quite so big this time and although my thighs feel huge, I don't feel as big this time.

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