Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 Days of Thankful - Day 8

I'm thankful for upcoming adventures! Thursday night Lillian and I leave with my father to go meet my half brother for the first time!  I have known about my brother for a long time, he is 5 years younger than me.  My father has also never met him, so this could be a very interesting trip.  I think we are all a little nervous and excited about this trip.  I think what I'm most nervous about though is riding in the car with my father for 12 hours!  I don't think we've ever spent that much time in the same house together, let alone in a car, just the two of us.  Well Lilli will be there too, but you get what I'm saying.  On the way there we will be driving over night and since Lilli will be with us he understands and suggests that I sleep while I can.  We will be driving home Sunday during the day though so we'll see how things go I guess.

In other news I'm 23 weeks today!  Seems hard to believe, only 4 weeks until the 3rd trimester!  It amazes me that she will be starting to swallow this week so the hiccups will be beginning.  It still seems a little odd to me how little I feel her moving, but I do feel her moving for a few minutes at least twice a day.  Mostly at night when we are settling down for bed and also in the morning on my way to work or when I first get there.  I can't wait until I can start to see my belly move!

I think we have decided on a first name!  I'm not yet sure if I want to share it.  We don't plan on sharing it with the family until she arrives and I'm not sure I want to chance it getting out there.

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  1. That sounds like an exciting adventure! I hope all goes well, with the trip there and meeting your brother! :)

    Time is going by so fast when it comes to pregnancy! Before we know it, we will both be having our babies! :D Yay!

  2. Thanks Tory, I'm getting pretty excited about our trip and baby girl! Some times it still doesn't feel real that she's going to be here!


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