Thursday, November 3, 2011

30 Days of Thankful - Day 2 and 3

So it hit me this morning that I started this a day behind, surprised? I didn't think so!  So, today I'm going to do 2 and be caught up.

The first thing I'm going to be thankful for is my home.  More specifically, my home that has a working furnace again!  We went a week without a working furnace.  Thankfully we have a space heater that did a great job of keeping us warm.  Especially considering that the day the furnace quit working, this is what the house looked like:

The second thing I'm thankful for today is my job.  This is mostly because at this moment I need to remind myself I need to be thankful for this.  I could have a toddler and a baby on the way and be trying to live on a laborer's pay.  I got to work this morning to find that a worker threw away my samples I need for testing.  Partially my fault because I am behind on submitting the samples for testing, but there are several reasons not to throw away samples!  For Heaven's sake we don't even throw away samples for years after they have been tested!  She said "They were in the way."  Ugh.  But I am grateful to be hear and have to deal with this since it could be a lot worse than just needing to find samples.

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