Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reunions and Anniversaries

Good thing for this blog post or I may have forgotten that my anniversary is in 2 weeks!  But, my anniversary is not the topic of this post, my Great and Uncle's 50th anniversary and the 10th anniversary of my high-school graduation (better known as a reunion) is the topic.
I have mixed feelings and contradicting thoughts on reunions, especially high-school reunions.  On the one hand I've always thought that if I cared to see any of the people I graduated with then I would have stayed in touch with them.  The nosey part of me (you know you have one too) wants to know if my opinion of them in high-school was right and if they turned out the way I thought they would.
Thanks to my sitter I do know how some of the people are doing, but we aren't "friends" per se.  I do find it strange how many of the people I graduated with are still friends though.  Am I the only one who went away to school and made new friends?  I won't lie, I do have this fear that going to the reunion is going to be like going back to high-school with all the clicks.
One short month after my wedding, my grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and everyday I hope that B and I can have the kind of relationship they do after 50 years.  Now it is my great aunt and uncle's turn and while I'm not overly close to them (we only see them when my grandparents are visiting) I feel it would wrong not to go to their anniversary party.  They've always made it a point to come to all of the functions they are invited to.  Not to mention I really think that 50 years is something to be celebrated.  Some days it's hard to imagine being 50 years old, let alone being married that long!
My biggest dilemma is that the reunion is from 11-5, but the anniversary party is from 1-4.  Could the time conflict be any worse???  I hate to be at the reunion and heaven forbid enjoying myself and have to skip out to go to the anniversary party, but I'm not sure how long we will be stuck at the anniversary party....  Oh the decisions!
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