Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Golf Saga Continues

Well, not really, it is over now, but it didn't end until last night. 

Not long after posting yesterday B sent me a text saying that now they had to find 2 golfers because if I wasn't golfing the other wife wasn't golfing unless she could find one of her girlfriends to golf, and she hadn't.   I felt bad and found it kind of childish.  I understand that she didn't want to be a stick in the mud if she was the only girl and possibly didn't even know the other person, but still.  So, I told B I would golf, but if I started to feel sick or if I started to get tired and dizzy I would just sit it out in the cart.  He really didn't like the thought of it because he didn't want me to be miserable and not feeling well on a golf course.

In the end they have now found 2 new golfers and all it well, but boy did it take some brain racking to get there. 

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