Sunday, July 13, 2008

Show and Tell

Show and Tell

This week I want to show off my camper. Mainly cause we haven't been up there in a few weeks and I miss it. We have a seasonal campsite at a camp ground that has a "lake", it's actually a large pond and you can walk around it in probably a half an hour. It's great for fishing though.

We got quite lucky when we found this place. We were at the camp ground camping with some of our friends that had a site. On our way out that Sunday we noticed there was for sale sign. There wasn't a price and we figured just for the heck of it we'd see how much they were asking. To our surprise it was only $5000. And it came with the deck, all the outdoor and indoor furniture and a shed that was only 2 years old. It is somewhere around 40ft long and has a slide out. The only down fall was that the bedroom had been turned into a dining room, but there was still a kids room with 3 bunk style beds. We tore out the bunk beds and made it into the bedroom using the mattresses from the bunk beds. It's perfect now.

Here's some pics...


This is a close up of the front. The dark black spot on the right side is a sliding glass door. And the open door on the left is where the bedroom is. Just in front of the folding chair you can see the start of the fire pit and in front of that we have another 10 feeting of yard where we have horse shoe pits.


This picture shows our screened in tent and behind that is our dog pen with DH's Tony Stewart Flad flying in the wind.

We spend a lot of time here during the summer on the weekends. Its a great get away from the real world some times. Its mostly quiet, unless we have a party and friends and family come and cookout with us all the time.

Thanks for reading about my camp!

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  1. Ooohhh..I finally get to see the famed campsite so often mentioned! Looks like it would make for a good trip!


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