Monday, July 14, 2008

Looking Pregnant...

Is ok if you are pregnant. At my sister's graduation party on Saturday I wore a halter top that was a little tight and showed the little bit of weight I gained after my m/c but I was ok with because I wanted to get rid of my tan lines, and it was the perfect day for it. Well after have two people ask me if I was pregnant I decided to go home and change.

The first was my ex-step-father's sister. I'm not a big fan of her anyway, and I was rushing around to get decorations finished up for the party and she stops me and says, "Oh are we expecting?" I said "No not anymore." cause I don't know if her brother told her or not and then didn't get around to telling her I lost the baby.

The second was the worst one. I was sitting there eating with DH and my grandparents (who knew about the pregnancy) and a Lady I know from the bar where DH and I met comes up to us, she leans over, POKES my belly and says "Oh are you pregnant?" And again I didn't know if my mom opened her mouth to her so I said "No not anymore." And she says to me "It's ok." First off, DON'T TOUCH MY BELLY!!! Especially when I'm not even pregnant! Then "I'm sorry" is more of an appropriate response. Then she went on to tell me how her 28 yr old grand daughter called her the other day and said "Grandma I have something to tell you." Lady says "Are you pregnant?" Girl says "Yes, is that OK?" I'm sorry, but does it really matter if it's ok or not? I mean she's far enough along to know she is having a boy so I guess it better be OK. Oh and did I mention she's 28?

So after that second incident I went home and changed. I realize I've put on a few pounds, but still people. Don't ask unless she REALLY looks pregnant and not just fat!

To top it all off I'm not even sure if I've O'd yet or not. I have a feeling that I have and that our timing was terrible this month, but I guess it doesn't matter cause there's nothing I can do about it now. I'm afraid to talk to DH about it for some reason cause I feel bad for thinking about it all the time. It's been really frustrating this month cause I don't want DH to feel used so I didn't tell him when I should O and just tried to come on to him. Apparently that's not working cause crap has been coming up and preventing the BD, but I think if he knew I was Oing he's put it aside, but I'm trying to think about it less, so having to tell him just makes it worse.

I'm so frustrated and sad right now, I want to cry!


  1. Awww, sweetie!!! How rude was she to say, IT'S OK, without even uttering a I'M SORRY.

    I've had that said to my face as well and I get equally annoyed and frustrated!!!


    I'm giving you my cyber shoulder to cry on.

  2. oh hunny.. that stinx.. y r ppl sooo cruel! and stupid! btw i never ask even if they look they r about to pop. i dont want to find out sumthin bad happened. i know how stressful trying to time it can b.. y not schedule bd'ing? that is working for DH and I .. and i am soo not stressed about missing the O. we try to BD every other day from CD10 to CD20.. sumtimes we go every 3 days.. but whatever. (((((BIG HUG))))) maddieg


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