Thursday, September 27, 2012


There's lots going on lately, but most of it is depressing so I haven't been writing much about it.  I mean who wants to read a blog about depressing shit.  So in a nutshell here's what's up...

  • We are BROKE.  Daycare is sucking the $$$ out of us and I'm trying to find a way to fix this without having to do unthinkable things.
  • Laney is still suffering from her reflux issues and I feel horrible for her.  Although she has been better through the night the last few nights.  
  • Tuesday I went and signed the release papers to switch the girls to a new doctor.  I need some one who is going to take Laney's issues seriously and not treat me like I'm over reacting because my kids cries and spits up.
  • Lillian has all of a sudden decided to start up with the back talking and inappropriate tones when talking to adults again.  
  • Screaming baby and mouthy pre-schooler make for one irritable mama.
  • B has left on a 4 day hunting trip.
  • Hunting has started...
  • I HATE hunting season...
  • Both of my sitters have decided to take the sames days off so now I have to take time off of work to stay home with the kids.  Finding a sitter (because every one I know works!) has been challenging, but I think I finally found a sitter for 2 of the days so I only have to use one vacation day.
  • Hunting season sucks. Yes it sucks enough to be repeated!
Hope everyone else is a little less stressed!

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