Monday, September 10, 2012

Co Sleeping

So I never thought I'd be one to co-sleep with my children.  In fact, I was against it.  I mean it can be dangerous, you could roll over, the blankets.... the list goes on.

Then I had a new born.  Still scared to death in the beginning I would get up with her, change her in her room, feed her and then put her back in the bassinet. Problem was, I wasn't putting her back in the bassinet until I was waking up a half hour later.  I was scared to death I was going to drop her.  Then we learned how to feed laying down.  That was the end of it.  I would fall asleep while she ate, she'd fall asleep and at some point I'd wake up and put her back in the bassinet.

Then Laney was born.  Getting her to sleep was impossible.  She cried for hours, you'd get her to sleep, lay her down and she'd wake up.  I can't tell you how many night I fell asleep propped up against my wall with pillows under both arms so she could sleep on my chest and I could still sleep too.  Then we discovered the reflux and we were able to sleep laying down again, but by this point she was so used to sleeping on me she would wake up the second I laid her down anyway.  So we started going to sleep with her eating (laying down)  I have a king size bed and it was just the two of us (that's a whole other post) so after she'd fall asleep I'd just get up and move to the other side of them and barricade her in with pillows.  At midnight we'd do the same thing.  This had been going on for quite some time now, OK more like 5 months and part of it is my fault.  I admit I like sleeping with her and having her cuddle up to me.

But Friday night I said enough is enough.  I want my bed back and I'd like my husband in it with me.  So Friday night after bath I changed her in her room, sat down with her, fed her and when she was done I took her off the boob (which wakes her up some) and let her fall asleep.

Saturday for both naps, I waited until she was good and tired and I laid her in her bed awake.  Both times she was able to put herself to sleep.  Bed time went well, but she woke up after a couple hours screaming off and on.  Even after I picked her up and took her to my room she was screaming.  I think it was teeth.  They looked a little red and she was chewing her thumb and screaming in her sleep.  We got through the night with only 4 wakings though.

Last night went great.  I don't think I was in there 10 minutes with her, including feeding her.  Then I decided that rather than take her to my room and lay down to feed her I'd sit in the chair and feed her.  It took about 10 minutes I think and she then slept in her crib until almost 6 this morning!

Hopefully I can keep up with sitting in her room to feed her at night.

Maybe tomorrow I'll write a post about my husband coming back to my bed...

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  1. Hey saw a link to your blog from Just Another Friday on the Versatile Blogger Award post. Your blog is super cute. But what I am supposed to be commenting on is Co sleeping haha. So anyways, I was terrified of co-sleeping at first, too! Like terrified! But it was the best thing ever with a newborn. I guess I just sort of "learned" to sleep in one position. Because I would wake up and hadn't moved at all!

    Desirae @ Going with the Flow


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