Thursday, September 6, 2012

Laney - 6 Months

It seems un-real to be half way through her first year!
 Newborn     6 Months

It seems weird that she actually had a well child visit:

Length: 27.25” (95%)
Weight: 16lb 5oz ( 59% This is actually and ounce less than last month)

*Dr. Do Nothing did comment that her weight gain has slowed and will slow even more as she starts to crawl and get around more.  She isn't concerned.  I on the other hand am a little, her weight gain didn't slow, it stopped last month.  Although she was comparing it to her 4 month weight of 15lb 3oz.

Diapers: Size 3, the huggies fit best now, but once she moves up in the weight limit we’ll have to switch back to pampers for the larger leg holes.
Clothes: Mostly 6 Month stuff.  Still fits some 3 month and already some 9 month.
Toys: We’ve gotten out the “bigger” toys.  She’s still loving the exersaucer and now the Jumperoo too.  She’s also very interested in her moving ball and the gumball machine toy.
Food: She is very interested in food.  We started her last month and now she eats sweet potatoes, green beans, plums and pears.  We only use cereal once in a while to thicken up a fruit that is overly runny.  She also had her first Melba toast that she did quite well with.
Sleep: Still waking up at least once a night to eat, some times twice.  And on a rare occasion Mommy gets a full night’s sleep.

She sits like a pro now and reaches for EVERYTHING, toys, food, your shirt, the back of the chair, anything she can get her hands on.

She is definitely interested in figuring out how to get around.  With her ball that rolls around on the floor with the lights you can see her mind working to figure out how to get to it.

Sure I play with this paper until Dr comes in!
At her well visit I informed Dr. Do nothing that I took her off the med that was supposed to make her stop spitting up and help her digest.  It wasn’t doing either and I thought it was pointless.  She agreed it was the right call.  She didn’t however say anything one way or the other about me giving her Miralax.  She, again, gave me a run down of the foods that would make her constipated and what wouldn’t.  See list above for all foods that promote healthy bowel movements.  It makes me sad to think that there are parents out there that need those things told to them several times, I just don’t happen to be one of them, thank you.  So until things become more get more regular I plan to keep with the Miralax.

Besides that she’s the perfect picture of health!

Until she puked all over last night :-(  And I don't just mean some spit up, I mean she covered my tank top wearing back, herself, and got some on the floor.  It took 2 receiving blankets to clean it up.  And it smelled horrible!  She was so scared and I felt so bad for her.  

She slept for a few hours and then woke up again.  She sounded like she may be sick again, but she moved around and farted *like a man* and was then happy as pie.  She ate and thought it was play time.  She lay there squealing with delight as I struggled to keep my eyes open.  She never had a fever over 100.2 and besides being clingy seems perfectly fine now.


  1. She is an absolute doll! So cute! I just came across your blog so I have been reading about her tummy issues. I never had reflux issues with any of my girls, but did have constipation issues with my youngest (she's 2 now). It sucks when they are suffering and you can't do hardly anything for them. My ped has told me that Miralax is perfectly fine for kids and it turns out that some kids just get constipated more easily than others.

  2. Thanks Amanda, so glad you found me. I hope you enjoy reading and stick around a while.

    I'm glad other peds have said that cause mine just didn't say anything, but whatever, it seems to be working.


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