Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I’m having a hard time keeping my composure at work today.  It all started Saturday and I just can’t seem to keep myself under control anywhere.  So this is pretty much going to be a long whiny post if you don't want to hear me be all "oh poor me".

Friday night I took Lillian to see Nemo in 3D.  I think I enjoyed it more than she did.  Although she did great sitting through the movie.  On the way home she wanted to know why Sissy didn’t come, cause she wanted her to.  Me, not so much, it was nice to have a little one on one with my big girl.

Saturday that all changed around noon.  Lilli and I made teething biscuits for Laney and peaches, while she slept.  Around noon when she got up she had the peaches for the first time.  She seemed to like them just as she has liked all the other fruits.  Well around 1 the mood of the day changed drastically.  Laney started crying and growling as she does when she’s upset, so much for folding laundry.  I decided to try giving her a piece of frozen peach in one of those mesh things.  Silly mommy thought it might be her teeth coming in that’s bothering her.  Well I just get the bib on and hand her the peach and BAM, out comes the 2oz of peaches she had eaten along with a crap ton of slimy phlegm type stuff.  Ok, it wasn’t all 2oz and the mess was nicely contained on her bib, PJs and highchair.  I removed her sleeper while she was still in the highchair and the cover and its contents were easily removed and put into the washer.  So I took her temp.  100.2 and then it was a bath.  After bath I spent the next 3 hours sitting in one position on my bed while she slept.  Any time I even tried to move she stirred and started to cry.  Her fever went up to 101 and back down over and over.  Poor girl was tired and uncomfortable. 

All night was pure HELL.  Worse than newborn, she didn’t sleep a full hour straight and when she woke up it was all gut wrenching screaming.  When she did sleep I had to be in a completely upright sitting position.  I had pillows tucked every where cause after a while I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. 

Her nose got runny.  To the point I had to give her 2 bottles because she couldn’t nurse long enough to get a let down.  And the few times she did, she choked on it.  So yeah, feeding then trying to pump with a baby that has to be held upright… impossible!

Anyway I'm sure you get the picture, mommy got no sleep and baby is miserable.

Sunday was football and I seriously thought about staying home, but there was going to be yummy food and people to help me hold the baby.  So I thought.  By the end of the first quarter I decided to take Laney up to the living room (we watch the games in the Bills Cave, AKA Uncle Joe's basement).  Every time there is a good play it was all Woot Woot! and then when they actually score they blare music.  While it didn't scare her, Laney couldn't fall asleep.  I really hadn't thought about this being a problem since rarely do the Buffalo Bills score.

So we I watched the game upstairs in the recliner while Laney slept yet again on me so she could be upright.

Sunday night was more of the same... Monday I snoozed through my workout time, got up took a shower and let B convince me to stay home because I was too tired to work.  This was quite obvious when I put shampoo in my hair twice.  I took both girls to the sitter and went home to eat and sleep.  Not as easy as it sounds..  I did get about an hour though and it was refreshing.  My arms, neck, shoulders, back and even abs were very sore from the positions I'd been sleeping in.

Last night while Laney still didn't go to bed until 10:30, she wasn't screaming and she slept til 4!

Mommy on the other hand is still trying to catch up.  My bosses mood is making me want to lash out!

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