Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Room for Change

I am having a very hard time deciding on what to do for bedrooms for our little ones. Do I want them to share a room? Do I give up my craft room to still have a separate play room? Do I give Lillian’s crib to the new baby? Do I get Lillian a toddler bed? Do I give Lillian the futon we have? Do I combine Lillian’s room and play room into the bigger room? Do I combine my craft room and play room?

Ok so rather than rambling off all of the question rolling through my head over and over I’ll start explaining.

Right now we have a full size bed we are keeping at my mother’s, plus a full size futon bed that is currently in the play room.

We bought Lillian’s crib with the fact in mind that she will use it for a long time. It turns from a crib to a day bed to a full size bed. Of course, this was back when the rooms we had were almost twice the size of what they are now.

I think we could fit her dresser and full size bed in her room, but that’s about it. Right now we have her crib, rocking chair, book shelf and dresser.

This is what the room set up is. The second bedroom is exactly the opposite except for window placement so any arrangement options would be the same. The second bedroom is currently my craft/workout room. It has all my bow, crochet and sewing stuff along with the treadmill.
Yes it looks roomy, but it's not to scale

The third room we have isn’t exactly a bedroom since it doesn’t have a closet, but we could still use it for one. It is currently being used as the playroom and guests typically sleep on the futon when they spend the night.

So here at the options we have:
1 – Leave Lilli in her current room with her crib. – This means buying new crib and either getting rid of my craft room. I can’t combine it with the play room because the futon would still be in there.

I don’t know if I like this idea for a few reasons. 1) a new crib is more expensive than a toddler bed. 2) I’d have to give up my craft room and I have no idea what I’d do with the treadmill that I will obviously need.

2 – Leave Lilli in her current room but buy her a new toddler bed. – Everything would be the same expect we wouldn’t have to buy a new crib.

3 – Leave Lilli in her room, but give her the futon. – We wouldn’t need to buy any new furniture and I could move my craft stuff and/or treadmill to the play room. I don’t know if I like the idea of my craft stuff, possibly dangerous, in the play room where I feel the kids should be able to play relatively unsupervised. If my stuff was in there I’d be worried about then hurting them selves or ruining something I’ve worked hard on.

4 – Move Lilli into the play room and give her the futon. Basically this would just mean moving her dresser. This would mean I could keep my craft room and baby would get Lilli’s bedroom and crib. I like the idea of still having my craft room, but I’m not sure I want toys in Lilli’s room. Right now her room is a place for settling down and sleeping, not playing and it works well for us. Especially when she doesn’t think she needs a nap. If moving her in with her toys and keeping the crib was an option I’d be happy cause she doesn’t try to get out of her crib, but I have no where to put the futon.

5 – Put Lilli and the baby in the bigger play room – We would then turn Lilli’s room into the play room. I’m not sure I want the kids sharing a room, although baby will be in our room for a few months until the nightly feedings stop. Also Lilli’s room isn’t as visible from everywhere in the house like the play room is. I like to keep an eye on her while I cook dinner or whatever.

6 - Put the play room or craft room in the dining room - Truth be told we don't use the dining table much, we typically eat in the living room.  I hate it, but can't seem to get B to revert to a kitchen table.  At any rate there is still room for the table in the kitchen should I get lucky enough to have a family dinner again some day.  The only problem I have with this idea is messes.  Lillian put her own toys "away".  Usually this consists of her just throwing her toys back in the toy room where we can clothes the door.  The craft room could go out in the open, but I tend to get a little messy when I'm working and don't always get to finish projects the same day I start them.
There are a few random thoughts that bother me.
~ I don’t know if I like moving Lilli directly to a full size bed. I know she would do fine in it as she’s slept in them alone before, but I fear I’m taking away some of her childhood, like having a tent on her bed and all the fun kid bedding with her favorite characters.
~ If we move her to the bigger room will she think it’s because we are giving the baby her room. My little girl is smart, I don’t know if she will just accept that she is “a big girl now so she gets the big room.”
~ Should I ask Lilli if she wants the big bed? What if the thought of being in the big bed in the big room is scary to her?

OK, so now that you've had a sneak peak into my over worked and over tired mind, what do you think?  All and any suggestions are welcome to help me through this because according to DH (you pick what the D stands for) "Its your decision, I don't care."

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  1. I think what you should do first, is ask Lilli if she would like the bigger bed! And see how she feels about being a big girl now. I know when I was little, (not that I have any siblings) but my mom asked my opinion about everything. This was helpful because she knew how I felt about things, and I learned how to help make family decisions and I felt involved in the changes that I went through.

    I think you should try to keep your space together at all costs, I know that children come first.. but I also think you should have a place to escape when you want to slam your head against a wall.

    I hope that helps :)



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