Monday, September 26, 2011

Big Girl Bed!

The switch has been made and I really thought it would have more of an impact on Lillian than it would me!  I really shouldn't be thinking obviously!  Things have gone great so far! 

Saturday Lillian and I went to the mall.  We got picked out her bedding and may I say she did a wonderful job.  Not only did she pick a set that matches her room colors perfectly (pink and green), but the 8 piece set was on clearance for $20!!!  In the mean time Daddy was home taking down the crib and moving her bed into her room.

Arranging her stuffed animals

After shopping and seeing The Lion King 3D (I don't remember there being that much violence in that movie) we went to my MIL's for dinner and a movie.  My exhausted big girl fell asleep on the couch around 7:30.  Considering she only had two 10 minute naps, I wasn't surprised.  When we finally got home around 9:30 she slept in the recliner until Daddy and I got the sheets on her bed (I washed them while at my MIL's).  When we moved her to her new bed she woke up.  She was a little confused, she wanted to know where grandma was.  I think I layed with her for a half hour before she drifted back off to sleep until 6:30 yesterday morning.  Considering she is normally up at 6 I thought that was great!

"Mommy get your camera please!"
She had to have room to sit with them!

Last night at 7:30 she wasn't ready to go to bed, but Mommy and Daddy insisted and after only one raise of the voice she picked out her PJs and got ready for bed.  We read her bed time story, gave her kisses and turned out the light with the promise that I would be back in a few minutes.  After 10 minutes I went back to check on her.  She was awake laying there trying to sleep, but asked for her little lamp to be turned back on.  Which actually made me feel better because it was pitch black and if she was going to get up I want her to be able to see a little.  I kissed her again and told her I'd come back to check on her.  5 minutes later I peeked in and she was out!  Considering we went from sleeping with mommy for a week and watching a movie to fall asleep every night in mommy's bed, I was amazed! 

Excited to cuddle with them

She had to make sure she had enough room to sit with them along the wall.

She did wake up at 3:30 and came in my room, but we went back to her room, found her binkie and she went back to sleep.  I hope this continues with as much ease as it started!

Sleeping after her first night with the new bedtime routine.
This has honestly been much harder on me than I anticipated.  I didn't realize how much that cuddle time at night effected me too.  Although I hated being woken up by kicks and then having to move her to her bed, I loved the cuddles.  Her not crying for me to watch a movie with her or even lay with her hit me like a ton of bricks!
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  1. So cute! All those stuffed animals crack me up. Love the bed set...very girly but not overdone. She's adorable.


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