Tuesday, September 20, 2011

16 Weeks and More Unexpected Happenings

Thanks for the comments yesterday girls.  I don't think my family and friends would think ill of a gender reveal party and I suppose anyone that doesn't care to celebrate it with me, doesn't have to.

Now the next problem is the guest list.  Who I really want to invite is just our immediate family (the grandparents and my sister) and our closest friends.  This would be about 30 people total, if everyone showed up and I know that there are a few that couldn't.  Ideally I only want 25 people there anyway.  The problem, this means not inviting the 15 extended family members that expect to be invited to everything and won't understand why friends got invited before they did.  Don't get me wrong, some of them would completely understand (and of course they are the ones that if I could pick and choose would be invited).

Unexpected: B talked this through with me last night and since most of the extended family is on his side he says that either we just have a dinner party to celebrate or invite everyone.  What would you do?  Inviting everyone is almost 50 people!

Unexpected #2: My midwife had a student working for her yesterday.  This normally doesn't bother me for an exam or my general health, but when it comes to my unborn child it makes me a little nervous.  He was good though and admitted when he wasn't sure about something and needed to ask my MW which I was thankful for.  What I wasn't thankful for was him searching for a heartbeat for over 5 minutes before going to get my MW.  I knew right away he wasn't going to find it because even though I told him the baby was low he never put the doppler low enough and second he certainly wasn't pressing hard enough.  Thankfully he went and got my MW just before I was just going to ask for the dang doppler.  She came in and found the heartbeat right away!  Talk about relief. (oh it was 153 by the way, I'll do my weekly post tomorrow)

Unexpected #3:  Lastly was a very nice surprise.  I was telling B how I had been talking to Lilli about getting the big girl bed that's in her play room and giving her crib to the baby and she was so excited she wanted to get out of the bath right then and move it!  His response was, well then as soon as you are feeling better we'll get on it.  I said "you realize that means you have to start doing part of her bed time right.  Like putting her to bed, in her bed?"  He understood!  I think we may get going on this, this weekend!  I'm very excited.
Well, I'm sure there was more I wanted to say, but work interrupted me, grrr.
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  1. 50 people is a LOT of people. Personally, if I were to do a party such as this, I would stick to the close knit people. Such as close friends, parents, grandparents. And if you have an aunt and/or uncle you talk to regularly, invite them too. That is mainly the criteria for my baby shower, honestly.

    That is exciting that your little girl is all for the big girl bed! I'm sure that makes things a lot easier :)

  2. Yeah 50 is a lot - stick to close friends and family!


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