Friday, September 9, 2011

Hard Work

I got a nice surprise today.  Well, kind of nice.  It is review time at work, a time I generally dread for many reasons.  Today it was a nice surprise to read what my manager had to say about me though.

A little background is that back in 2009 after returning to work from my maternity leave, I found it very hard to get anything done, I couldn't concentrate on my work and I spent way too much time using the companies internet to communicate with fellow mommies.  So much so that my boss and the HR lady called me into a meeting where I broke down crying about how hard it is to be away from my daughter and how depressed I was.  Thanks to my boss, who I've been working for since 2002, I was not fired as he assured HR I was a very capable worker.  We came up with development plan to get me back on track and for the most part it worked.  After only a few month on the plan and meeting weekly to review my project statuses and sign papers for HR saying that I was following my plan and improving my work ability, the meetings started stretching out farther and my boss was complimenting on accomplishing some things and coming up with some great ideas for the group.

Last year's review was positive in the fact that I didn't have to have a special plan and I got a raise again.  I still struggle with my concentration on work and getting certain things done in a timely manner, but I'm working on it.

This year I think I've improved a little maybe.  Nothing drastic, but I work and get things done before the detrimental dead lines.  Which let me note, around here is not always done because everything is an emergency.

Today I got my review from my boss and to my surprise he feels that I am exceeding expectations in some areas and feels with a little improvement in a few other areas I will qualify for a promotion next year!  This is amazing to me cause honestly I had no idea what it would take to get a promotion around here.  Really, it's just a job title change and a little more $.  Even though this is a fortune 500 company, there isn't much room for career advancement  My boss and his boss have both been here 25 years or more and are still a distance from retirement.  There really isn't any where else to go besides their positions unless I move to another department, but then it's the same situation in all the departments...

So that's my happy news on hard work.  I'm thrilled at even the prospect of a new job title.  What scares me is the thought of what could happen when I come back from maternity leave this time.  At least I think HR will be more willing to work with me on the return to work transition this time, I hope...

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