Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We'll Call it a Success!

Last night was the first night sans binkies!!! It was not something I planned or was planning to push, but for the last few months it's something that I occasionally mention to Lillian just waiting for her to be ready.

Last night we were playing bedtime on the bed in her play room. She had her binkies and she mentioned something about them. And this followed

Me: don't you think it's about time we throw them away? You're a big girl now.
Lilli: No I don't want to put my binkies away.
Me: No I said throwthem away in the garbage. I have something else for you to sleep with when you want to throw them away.
Lilli: OK, let's throw them in the garbage.
Me: That means you won't have them for bed time anymore. Once they are in the garbage they are gone.
Lilli: OK

She proceded to get off the bed, walk to her bathroom and throw them in the garbage. Then we went in her room and I gave her the little Boots.doll I had bought for her last weekend. She says "Boots!!! I want Dora too!" Yeah silly mommy didn't think I needed to get both of them.

She was fine until it was time for bed, which I expected. Then she didn't want Bo.ots anymore, she wanted her binkies back, but they were kaka. We tried rocking and then laying in the crib rubbing her back, listening to her seahorse and different combinations of it all for about a half hour. Then Mommy gave in. We went in my room and put a movie in. By the end of the movie she had fallen asleep and so had I. She is normally quite well at putting herself back to sleep in the night, but without the binkies I decided I would probably get more sleep if she just stayed in our bed where she could cuddle if need be. I don't know if I was right or not since she only whined out a few times without even waking, plus that mean I had maybe 2 feet of bed space. But all is well. When she first woke up this morning she was upset that she didn't have her binkies but she got over it after a few minutes and then she was upset again when we got in the car because she normally doesn't give them up until she gets to the sitter's. But after talking a little and then her telling me "I'm not a big girl." She was fine again. She even seemed proud of herself when she told the sitter what she had done because she knew she would be proud. She hasn't had a binkie at the sitter's since she was a year old.

Here's to hoping tonight goes better and she can sleep in her own bed! Mamma's tired today!

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