Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nursemaid's Elbow

Lilli and I made our second trip to the ER in 3 weeks last night for Nursemaid's Elbow. I'm not sure if she's just prone to it or what, but we happened to see the same Doctor we say on the 16th when we were there. I'm so glad it's a quick fix, it really amazes me!

The first time she never made a peep while he did his little elbow bending trick. We then went to the bathroom and when she was done she reached right up for the door and opened it with the arm that only minutes before she refused to move.

This time, same thing. She's quite funny when she's telling you that the Doctor fixed her arm.

Last night while visiting my sister at work I got my first "how far along are you" question. The guy was about speechless when I told him "Only 8 weeks" I really can't believe I look that pregnant already. I know it's just because of the way my body is shaped, but still, I didn't plan on telling people, especially strangers, this early. Oh well.

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