Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Passing Time

That's what I'm trying to do, pass the time. I was very happy to have a long holiday weekend this week and wish it could have been longer.

Saturday was my sister's 21st birthday and party. She rented out part of a local bar that gives drink specials and a DJ for 3 hours. Obviously my original plan was to celebrate my little sister's 21st birthday to the fullest with her. But when I found out I was pregnant I figured the next best thing I could do was be the DD for everyone. The problem with this plan became very apparent quickly. No one would believe I was just being a nice sister and driving for her. Then when my family realized I was sick it was very obvious to them I must be pregnant. So pretty much all of our family knows now. It was a long night, but I managed to make it to 4am after several trips to the bar and then back to my mom's where my wonderful uncle made pizza and wings for everyone to enjoy.

Sunday I spent the day with the family up at my mom's camp. Lillian had fun bonding with her uncle's that she doesn't get to see often and I had fun catching up with everyone. My sister road home with me and we were watching fireworks as I drove, well that was a mistake because I missed my exit off the thruway and it took us on a 20 minute detour, resulting in me not getting to bed until about midnight.

On Monday it was another Family picnic with B's family. We decided to tell the family there as well since it really isn't much of a secret anymore. I felt horrible when I fell asleep for 2 hours with Lillian during the cookout, but I couldn't help it. The last two late nights had finally caught up with me.

I was so glad to have yesterday off too. I had so many things I wanted to do around the house, but instead decided to take Lillian on a shopping trip since I don't have time for that stuff during the week. It was great, I found clothes for both of us and shoes for B. Then I took Lillian to her first movie. She was in awe at the screen and how big it was and that I was letting her eat popcorn while she watched the movie and she didn't have to be at her table.

Now today I am back to work and wishing time would go by faster. I can't wait for the week to be over and then for Monday to be here so I can have my appt. I really want to know that there is a heart beating in my belly. I'm extremely bloated every time I eat, have indigestion a lot and feel sick in the night, but I need confirmation for my brain.

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