Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to Reality

Going back to work after a weeks vacation, no matter what you did, pretty much sucks. I even had a girl tell me I looked tired today. Yes, of course I'm tired. Not that I slept any more over vacation or that my days were relaxing, but it wasn't work and work just makes me tired. Not to mention, I'm growing a baby :-)

I have decided to leave my vents about this vacation off of my blog because let's face it, when you don't normally spend 24/7 with a person and then you do for a week, things are sure to get a little rocky at some point. It mostly had to do with maintaining the same roles we have at home, even though we weren't at home. I don't think it's right and he doesn't notice. No matter though, overall it was a wonder vacation and I was sad to see it end.

We spent Tuesday through Friday in Old.Forge, NY. I just love the town. I don't think B loves it as much as I do, but he does understand the connection I have to it since growing up we went there every year for a good 10 years anyway. Most of the shops are still there, the restaurants, the arcades and of course the water park, Enchanted.Forest!

We stayed in these cute little cabins that had a double bed and bunk beds. Lillian did pretty well on the bottom bunk the first night, but fell off several times the 2nd night. So on the third night she slept with me on the double bed and B slept in the bunk. She had so much fun at the park and at the cabin. I have so many pictures I could share, but I'm to manage to only pick a few.

I forgot to mention, when they say be aware of the bears and keep all food inside in the Adirondacks, they mean it! Yes that is a small black bear at a neighboring cabin.

Wednesday afternoon we did the dry rides and Storybook Lane at the park.

Eating the candy house from Hansel and Gretel.

Driving the car. She wanted to ride this over and over again.

On the Carousel. She had to ride once with Daddy and then with mommy. The whole time saying "Up and Down", my smarty pants!

Thursday we went and did the water rides! I wish I could have taken more pictures, but it's kind of hard when you are in the water with her!

Riding with mommy on the "Lazy River" We did this several times.

Mommy let her play in the dirt to her hearts content on the last night.

Friday morning we headed home, did some wash, picked some veggies from the garden, then headed off in the opposite direction to stay with B's mom at a cabin her friends rented. Well, we left before actually getting a hold of her because she's never away from her phone for long. We kept trying and trying to call her, but finally realized we were going to have to turn around and head home because she wasn't answering to give us the last bit of direction to get to the cabin. She finally called us around 9:30 feeling horrible. She and her friends went on a wine tour because she didn't think we were coming until Saturday. B had been really upset about wasting the gas and time, but I explained to him that it wasn't all her fault and we probably should have waited for her to answer her phone before we left. I was just glad she was ok as I had started to worry about her. Not to mention, I wasn't all that disappointed to get to sleep in my own bed.

Saturday we got up early and headed back to the cabin, it was beautiful and right on the lake. Lillian just loved swimming in the lake and playing with the rocks. She loved riding on the boat once she got used to it and even went for a little ride on the jetski. I think one of her favorite parts though was jumping off the back of the boat into the middle of the lake. I can't believe what a dare devil she is! We spent the night Saturday and Sunday was a cook out with lots of swimming and fun. Lilli was not happy when it was time to leave.

Swimming in the middle of lake!

First water gun fight. She has pretty good aim for only being 26 month!

Daddy let her go for one last swim. Now he knows why they make swim diapers!

Last night we got home and Lilli and I did some gardening and shucked our peas (which she loves raw) before going to bed. She was so happy when I told her she was going to the sitter's today. She missed her and the boys a lot!

I will say one good thing about coming back to work though is that I'm no longer out in that muggy heat. I felt sick probably 75% of the time we were gone just because the heat made me feel sick. Every time I walked out where the heat was I felt nauseous instantly. The only way I survived the heat at the park was thanks to the water. The after noon we walked around and did the dry stuff I was amazed I didn't get sick.

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