Friday, July 15, 2011

Does it help???

So here's a silly question for those who've been pregnant.

Does actually getting sick make you feel better?

While pregnant with Lillian I pretty much felt like I could be sick all day. Most times to the point that had I knelt down in front of the toilet, I would have gotten sick. Well the fun begins again. I HATE getting sick, I avoid it at all costs, to the point that I will hold off going to the bathroom because the thought of looking at a toilet makes me almost lose it, let alone actually walking in the bathroom.

It seems this time though the actual feeling of "I'm going to be sick" is lasting longer and not fading into a bearable "blah, my stomach is really upset" feeling. Like I sit at my desk and concentrate on not getting sick rather than anything else.

So my question is, does getting sick make you feel better? After you get sick does the feeling go away?

Also, any suggestions for curing the increased acid in my stomach would be greatly appreciated. I constantly have indigestion and that burning in my stomach that makes me nauseous.

Have a great weekend!!! My appt on Monday was changed to 8am so I will probably wait until after to blog the good news!

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  1. Well, I personally don't like the idea of getting sick, so I don't know that getting sick is the answer! I know that on occasions I did get sick while pregnant, I did feel better after. But to try and avoid the feeling, there a few things I did that worked for me.

    1. Ginger, anything helps with nausea. I would eat ginger chews which at times are easier to find then some ginger teas or crystallized ginger. It helped settle my tummy a great deal.

    2. First thing in the morning before you get out of bed, eat crackers, if you have first thing morning sickness, eating some bland crackers like saltines, helps. I noticed some times the nausea was worse on an empty stomach. Also keep a stash around with you through out the day.

    3. Try eating smaller meals and frequently. I have noticed that while pregnant, I had an easier time with my morning sickness if I had something in my tummy. Particularly bland items or items that don't make your already sensitive system queasy.

    Also, try preggo pops or candies. Those things worked well too. I think most stores with a pharmacy carry them, like Target for example. Also Motherhood Maternity carries them, though I don't know if you have one of those.

    And a final suggestion. I don't know if you are doing pre-natal vitamins, but if you having issues with nausea, try taking them at night, before bed, instead of in the morning with food. I tried this at the suggestion of my OB and found that I had an easier time with my queasiness when I started taking them before bed, as opposed to taking them first thing in the morning.


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