Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The New Sitter

Well the verdict is in... dun, dun, dun...

I think I like her! Actually she friended me on facebook yesterday morning, funny thing, I graduated with her husband.

Anyway, there were a few things I forgot to tell her yesterday morning, like I didn't expect Lillian to drink all 4 bottles I sent (I always send an extra in case something happens, like one spills or I get stuck in traffic or something) and guess what, everything turned out fine! Apparently babies have a sense that adults don't and can tell when some one is breastfeeding, we figured this out because T (what I will be calling the new sitter) breastfeeds her son and Lillian didn't want to take a bottle from her, but when T had one of her friends that isn't breastfeeding try and feed her, Lillian ate like a champ. Eventually Lillian did take the bottle from T though, I suggested today that she try laying her somewhere instead of holding her.

Also, without me asking she wrote up note about Lillian's day. Like times that she ate and how much, diaper changes, and times that she napped and how long and playing. Only thing we aren't sure about is why she didn't nap much even though she could tell she was tired. We think it was just because of the new surroundings.

I even have a cute story already. T have two little boys, Landon is 2 and Reid is 8 months. Well when Landon got up yesterday T asked if he wanted to come say hi to Lillian and he said "no, put her down, you need to hold Reed." I thought that was so cute he wanted her holding his little brother. By the end of the day Landon was helping get her bottles and take care of her though. He really is a cute little boy. And Reid and Lillian love to flirt with each other, should I be worried? LOL

Oh and this morning it was so funny, T said "I meant to ask you last night, did you pump all 4 bottles at once yesterday? They were all room temp!" I laughed and said "I wish, it would be much easier, but I've been defrosting frozen milk to make sure it doesn't go to waste." I'd love it if I could pump 24oz at a time! And I'm really liking having a sitter that understands breastfeeding!

Lillian has a very stuffy nose, but she seems to be dealing with it well, the only time it bothers her is when she is eating. I hope the saline starts clearing her out soon. Here are a few new pics...

The little stinker would only smile after I took a picture!


  1. I'm so happy it's working out. I found one myself on craigslist who lives about 5min away. I haven't met her yet as she just responded lastnight back to my email but I'm planning on meeting with her either before or after Adrionna gets her. She's a licensed school teacher who is a SAHM. She's got an 11 & 7 yr old who are very happy to have a baby in the house. I hope this one works out cause she's only going to charge $20.00 a day.

  2. So glad things are working out for you.

    I'm sure as they get older the little ones will be best of buds.


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